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My out of body experience

I was only 17, and living at home with my parents. I always believed that there is another world out there. I still do believe, but I can't be so sure. Well one night I just got in a fight with my parents, and I was depressed. I got this sharp headache from crying, so I took four Tylenol's to get rid of my headache the fast way. I went to bed that night, and laid down with my arms out to my side. I drifted off to sleep. I was a CNA then, and I am still one now these days. Anyways I had dreamt that I was on this train with one of my co-workers, at the time, and some of the sides of the train cars were missing. Me and that co-worker were running and jumping car from car. Remember not all four sides of the cars were there. One side was and the other three sides weren't on the train cars.

Anyways she says we are gonna play a game that requires some expert people coming down from washington to help ananlye our findings. The game was a game of good hide-n-seek. There was this box with all four legs attached to it, somewhat like a old fashioned table. I hid in there and she hid somewhere else. Well when she was found I was still hiding. They figured where I was by the way they could hear a person breathing heavily in a quiet room. Well the strange thing was that I came out of my body like a big bright light in the corner of the train car. I floated around, and then went in to my body. Before I woke up I took this big breath of air, and then woke up.

I was still lying in the same position with my arms out to the side of my body. My heart was pounding fast. My heart was lying on the my chest. That is how I felt when I awoke, and I had a cold sweat. I have asked a phsychologist about this, and I was told I came out of my body, but in a different form. Wether I was an angel or it was a sign I was gonna die. I told my mother, and she thought I was insane. It was a dream, a wierd one for that fact, but I still feel it meant something to me. Dreams mean something. They always have, and always will. writeFooter1()
The battle of two cats
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