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Bloody room

This is a true story and i want people to hear this because the cops dont think im telling the truth.

I walk home from school everyday and well one day i had to stay after school.I didnt leave until about 5:30. Ill be real with you me and a male teacher had a relationship going on.And i dont think i have to tell you why i was so late comming home (hint,hint). Well,i started on my way.Sometimes i get a ride with my teacher but he had to hurry home to his family. Like I saying i was walking and around. Here it turns dark around 6:00. Tonight it was a cold night. My legs felt weak and it felt like i couldnt feel anything. I thought to myself im a big gurl i can handle this. To keep myself from being scared i sang. I saw a figure ahead in the dark right where i was supposed to turn in. I yelled out "hello,who is that", i thought it was my friend as i got closer so i yelled again."hey ma whats up i now you hear me", not a sound came from the person ahead,"tisha stop playin, gurl i gotta alot to tell you, hey do you think friday you can stay over cause i need to get out the house". i yelled to the figure. I promise all i did was blink and i saw eyes infront of me and felt cold cold really cold hands on my arms. The figure screamed at me."i know what you do you f**king hoe,i should kill you righ here right now". i was scared really scared i started to cry. She told me to open my eyes but i didnt want to i so scared then her hands were all over my face i guess trying to open my eyes. My eyes gave in and popped open. The girl had two holes in her head cuts and everything she had short brown redish hair she was heavy set ill say about 160 pounds.She kept tellin me that she whats me died, how my teachers wife is her aunt.Her nails kept cutting my face and arms.Somewhere between her yelling voice and the mean things she was sayin on how she would kill me she said her name was Michelle Curry.Finally a car came turning in the dark road as a was praying i felt releief and she was gone. I stopped the car and they took me to the police station.The police asked me questions after i was sent to the hospital.Can you believe they thought i cut myself!! i wanted to die. I asked the police to hide me somewhere to keep me safe. They asked if i knew the girl i said no i told them i did know her name.

They sent me home about 3 days later they called my house and told me to check out a site to see if this girl was the one. i went to and her face ,the same gurl, was on there. They called me back and said i lied about everything because this girl has been died for over 13 years.I went to court the next day. writeFooter1()
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