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Dorm Spirit

I go to a small liberal arts college in Washington State. Freshman year, I had a lot of weird experiences in our dorm. The residence hall was built in the mid 30's, and was apparantly haunted by one or more "spirits." The main occurences, however stemmed from an entity that the girls referred to as "The Dorm Mother." I'm pretty sure it was a female entity 'cause it "talked" to me once and it also touched my roommate, but I'll get into that a little later.

This spirit, or whatever it was, seemed to be fairly harmless, but she could get a little rowdy if she thought that the kids were getting out of line or straying from the right path-- hence the nickname. I've heard many instances of TDM waking girls up in the middle of the night if they had fallen asleep while pulling all-nighters. My freshman roommate had a creepy experience along these lines. She had been pulling a lot of all-nighters, and this particular night she decided she was simply too tired to stay up 'till dawn to write a paper due the next day. So instead of staying up to do it, she went to bed. About an hour into her sleep, she felt something strike her, and push her out of bed. Needless to say this scared her half to death, and she was wide awake all night. I don't remember if she ended up doing her paper, although I do remember staying up with her all night trying to convince her that the dorm wasn't haunted.

When I came home and she told me about it, she mentioned that had been having a dream about her mother when she was pushed out of bed. Her scolded her and told her that she needed to do her work. I brushed it off, and told her that she probably just fell out of bed as a result of her dream, like other people do when they're having dreams about falling off a cliff.

She was still weirded out though, and she insisted that she had felt distinct impressions of hands. I still didn't believe her, and I kind of laughed at her and told her that she needed to get more sleep.. I wasn't laughing about a month later, though.

I had stayed out way too late one night partying, and I ended up coming home around 3:00 am. My roommate was sound asleep, so I didn't want to wake her up when I came in by turning on the overhead light. I pretty much fumbled around in the dark for 20 minutes, got ready for bed, and tucked myself in for some much needed sleep. Just as I was closing my eyes, I heard someone whisper something about two inches away from my ear. I sat bolt upright in bed and turned the light on. My roommate was completely asleep, and wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets. I woke her up and asked her if she had just said something. She was really confused and groggy. She said no, flopped back over, and went back to sleep. It was obvious that she had been completely oblivious to what had just happened. I went to bed, and had about the worst night of sleep in my entire life.

The only other time that I was really creeped out was when I was sitting in my room laughing with a friend, and all of the sudden the window started shaking violently and all the plants we had resting on our window ledge were hurled to the ground. The window was shut, so it was impossible for it to have been the wind. We also don't get any earthquakes in the area, so I really doubt it could be that either. It was really weird, and I have no explanation for it-- and it's not for lack of trying!

I ended up moving out at semester to go live at a sorority, so I didn't have to put up with anything else for the rest of the year. I don't necessarily know for sure that it was a ghost, but that dorm definitely had a weird feeling. I wasn't sad to move at all, and I'll never live there again.
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