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Door Ghost

I had a whirlwind romance that led to a very bad marriage. I married Eric when I was 22. He was in the Navy in Norfolk, VA and I decided to move down there to join him.

Not knowing the city at all, I was drawn to a particular old bulding in Norfolk's Ghent area called the Aberdeen on Redgate Avenue. The building still had the dumbwaiters to bring coal up to your apartment and the original coal sheds in the basement where past tenants could store their own personal supply of coal.

We rented a 3 bedroom apartment on the first floor-- wood floors, claw foot bathtub, steam radiator heat. I was in heaven. We used one bedroom, converted the other into the TV room/library and the other room (because it had no radiator) served as storage and a possible guest bedroom with a day bed.

Our marriage (which lasted only 6 months) began going sour as soon as I moved down to Virginia. I soon discovered that I had company in the apartment that resided in the bedroom that we had reserved as storage. I always had a feeling that I was being watched but I was never scared. This something looked out for me. It turns out, it hated my husband.

I would always try to keep this door to the bedroom closed. I would close it, listen for the click of the door, check the door by pushing against it. I would walk two steps down the hall and hear the creak of the door open. After repeating this several times, I decided to let it remain open. My cat used to have a ball playing with something in that room. The stranger part of this is that whenever my husband closed the door, it stayed that way.

Once he was taking some laundry downstairs to the basement (which was creepy enough) and left the back door open for a few seconds. He closed the screen door which had to be forcefully closed as it scraped against the concrete. Our kitchen was directly above the washing and drying machines and he definitely would have heard someone enter the apartment. When he came back upstairs, the screen door was locked (and this was a metal hook lock that had to be swung into an eye or metal loop). My husband had to climb through a window to get back in and proceeded to search the entire house as he thought someone had broken in. Nothing. It locked him out on several more occasions.

When I moved out, I maintained contact with some neighbors in that building. When we would go out, I would always sense something watching longingly from the window of that bedroom when we walked by.
Do You dare to play with him?
[HOT VIDEO] Do You dare to play with him?

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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