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Abandoned Church

This happened around the Summer of 87 and is completely weird.

My best friend Ranay and I had borrowed my Mom's car to cruise for the day. Living in a small town there's really nothing else to do. While cruising some back streets of town we sort of just followed the road. It's not a road that I was very familiar with as it turned from asfalt to dirt a few miles out. We just kept driving, singing along with the radio, we had the windows down letting the wind make a mess of our hair. Before we knew it we had passed an old abandoned church, curious, we turned around and went back, parked the car, and began the task of checking things out.

Upon closer inspection, the church didn't "look" abandoned, no weeds, no broken windows, the inside was spotless. Now this may not seem odd but being where we were and given the fact that the church was completely (almost) empty...we got spooked. You see all we found in this church was the Covenant (sp?). It was sort of laying on the floor like it had fallen from the wall. Ranay was into reading tarot cards and such and decided it would be a cool thing to hang in her bedroom so we held onto it while we explored the rest of the church. There were a couple of Sunday school rooms, perfectly kept and a tiny bathroom, also neat as a pin. At this point we began to feel as if someone was watching us so decided to make a quick exit. Ranay and I drove around for another hour or so and headed back to my house. She spent the night and went home the next day taking our "find" with her", thank God! That Covenant gave me the willies!

Two days later I related our discovery to my friend Hugh who was enthralled by our outing and wanted to go check out this church for himself. I agreed to go along for the ride because he didn't know where it was. We arrived at the church, parked and got out of the car. Immediately I felt a presense, like someone was watching us. I was ready to get the hell out of there! Hugh however had other plans. He had reached the steps before I did and made his way into the church. When I reached the fronts steps leading into the church I freaked! They were rotten and most of them broken, there were weeds growing up through them, etc...I made my way inside without breaking my neck only to discover that most of the windows were now broken, there were a few trees growing in through the broken ones. The entire inside of the church looked as if it had been abandoned for years. Ceiling tiles on the floor, in some places holes in the walls. Now this may seem perfectly normal to see an abandoned church, and to see that it's been neglected for some years. The weird thing is that only 2 days before, it was in perfect shape... now I'm not a rocket scientist but I know that it takes longer than 2 days for a building to get in such a state of disrepair. All this combined with the feeling that something or someone was watching us scared me silly! Needless to say, Hugh and I beat a hasty retreat...but something followed us...but that's another story.

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