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Floating Man

Although I have never had any first hand experiences I have still had many people tell me their first hand experiences. I am only 18 years old but have had a deep interest in the paranormal (ghosts) since I was about 8 years old. I am going to try and write as many stories as I possibly can but bare with me as I have to change the names to respect peoples privacy.

When an aunt suddenly died of cancer the house in which she used to live began to have strange things occurring. At first everything was quiet until the youngest son became very ill. His temperature became extremely high for a case of flue. As he lay on his bed having difficulty breathing, he saw his paper aeroplane which, was hanging in the hallway rapidly start moving at high speeds in all directions. You may think that this doesn't mean anything but when there was no draft around at all then there is something for the little kid to be frightened literally half to death.

Putting that down to some not present wind, The family tried to continue with 'normal average family life'. One of the daughters went to hospital for a minor operation and when she came home to recover, she awoke in the middle of the night and felt very thirsty so was going down to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. When she got into the kitchen she was filling her glass from the sink when she heard her name being called. When she looked up at the window directly above her head, she saw an image of an old man. It was a very old man with white hair, a long white beard and long fingernails. He was calling her name and using his hands to call her towards him. She frantically started screaming as he was floating about a metre or two above the floor and he knew her name. The image was moving backwards as if to vanish slowly into the background hoping that she will somehow follow. She screamed and screamed until her other sister woke up and helped her to get up and away fr! ! om the kitchen. When she later told the rest of the family what it was that she saw nobody believed her. They all thought it may be a delayed effect of some medication she had previously but she was adamant that she saw it in full consciousness. (Another friend of mine, totally unrelated to this story and family told me once that she had seen a very similar man once who nearly frightened her half to death too. This happened when she was taking the rubbish out in the daytime. She saw the image of an old man on the garage door, floating above the floor. The description of the man, and what was happening i.e. the fading and repeatedly calling her name for her to follow him, was very similar to what I have just said. This girl was in a different city totally although it happened at maybe around the same time.).

Although you may be thinking that this must be a one off happening for the previous family, Many other unexplainable things happened. For example, when in the kitchen listening to music alongside cooking, the music would suddenly change. The tape of old songs would not even have to be in the system but old music would still be heard coming from it, until the stop button was pressed. This old music would be of the type their deceased mother would listen to. Also when the front-room remains closed for a few hours during the day especially, on walking in to it you can smell a sweet rosy smell and also the room goes from stone cold the instant you walk in to a warmer temperature.

The few times I had visited and stayed over prior to knowing about any of these experiences I only felt a sense of fear. I, for some unknown reason was scared of looking in the mirrors upstairs as I felt I was being watched. After finding this out it may have explained a little bit but it didn't make me feel any better.

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