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Little man in the conner

well, i miss my friend so much ,her name is Karen ,Well one night me and all my friends were having a slumber party ,and we decided to play Little man in the corner ,but Karen didnt want to ,but talked her into it,so she did .We turned all the lights off and it was kinda dark ,except the moonlight was shining through the window.SO we all got against the wall ,we were near the door ,incase we wanted to run out...we called 'Little man ,Little man in the corner ,while everyone was saying that i looked over to karen and she was saying it and she looked at me and forced a smile ,she was obiviously worried ,so i held her hand tighly and she was better ,NEXT thing u know we see him!!!!!!!! and it was like a leprachaun!!! a littleman!!! he laughed so creepy and it was creepy!

my mouth was wide open!!! i looked over to karen and she was just frozen stiff!!!!! i mean stiff...the little man ran up to my friend adn she just stood there not breathing and he kept pinching her ,laughing! and i turned to the door and i kept turning the knob and it wouldnt open!!! I was soo HORRIFIED!!! that i stopped and my friend was over getting PINCHED ,she was sqeezing shut her eyes i could see her because of the moonlight and i was shaking! Karen then ran to the door and forced it opened and ran out, i followed her and went for the lights ,turned them on adn the little man was gone ,and Karen was out the door!!!! i ran after her ,with a few of my friends and we saw her running down the street ,Screaming!!!! adn we also saw and little man running after her ,laughing! me and my friends tried calling for ,but she was all the way down the street.......and i swear to this day ,i cant turn the lights off anymore ,its like when the corners in my room are kinda dark i could see him!!!! and my friends ,too...and for Karen the police found her in the woods ,under some bushes crying and we're not friends eversince ,her mom asked us who is this man ,that karen sees ,we jsut keep quite...and my friend has pinch marks all over her.P.S DONT PLAY THIS GAME IT WILL RUIN U FOR LIFE!! writeFooter1()
Baby tastes avovado first time
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