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Murder story on bricks

It was a usual day, nothing to do.So my 2 friend's nicked named (sexi, and cherry lips) thought of getting we printed out some scary stories and went to read them on the side of my house.(where it was nice and dark).in the middle of one of the stories cherry lips looked up and was like "what is that on your bricks, it looks like blood stains" i dont know i said, lets look at all 3 of us got up and checked it out."look" sexi said "this one looks like a man kissing a woman, and a man saw them threw a windo".then i saw one it looked like a guy killing a woman.Then like 2 min.after that cherry lips saw one that looked like a man draging a full trash bag over to a bon fire."This looks like a pretty good murder case" sexi said."yah but why is it on my bricks"? i asked.May be this happened in your house cherry lips said.Then a huge gust of wind blew and standing bofore me i saw what looked like a mans face in front of me.I dont think sexi or cherry lips saw it.then walking back to read the rest of the last storie i saw wut looked like a rain storm comeing.about 5 min. later it stared to rain so we all went in.duering the storm the lights went out, and in front of me i saw the same mans face, except it loked angry.As if it didnt want me to find out about the murder.when the lights came back on 1 sec.later it was gone.

about a month later after haveing dreams baced on those bricks the three of us made a ouija board we asked the spirit of a woman if she was nice she said yes,she wouldent tell us her name but she seemed to be the one that was murdered. thats all she would tell us it seemed as if she didnt want us to know either. two days later i shredded the ouija board and am still bothered by the spirits.
Tit For Tat
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