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The Leprechaun haha

This little boy named Timmy was in the school bathroom takin a sh*t. He reached for the toilet paper but there wasnt any!! He didnt know what to do so he whiped his ass w/ his hand and closed his hand up so no one would see. He went back to class and the teacher said, " timmy, whats in your hand?". Timmy replied, " UMM its a leprechaun." ... The teacher said " can i see it?" Timmy said " no , you’ll scare it away" So they teacher sent Timmy down to the principal’s office. The principal asked " Timmy, whats in your hand?" Timmy said " a leprechaun" The principal said " well can i see it?" and timmy said " no, you’ll scare it away!" The principal called home and Timmy’s mother came and got him. When they got home, his mother said " timmy, what is in your hand?" Timmy replied " a leprechaun and no you cant see it b/c you will scare it away!!" Timmy’s mother sent him to his room. When his father got home, he went to talk to Timmy. He said " Son! What is in your hand?!!?" Timmy said " a leprechaun" Timmy’s dad said " can i see it?" and again, Timmy said " no, you’ll scare it away!" Timmy’s dad got very angry and said " TIMMY! IF YOU DONT LET ME SEE WHAT THE HELL YOU HAVE IN YOUR HAND, IM GOING TO WHIP YOU!!!" Timmy then opened his hand and said " Gee! See Dad? YOu scared the SHIT out of it! " ..... LMAO
What are they doing?
[HOT VIDEO] What are they doing?

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