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A Simple Theft

A Simple Theft

Why am I here, dumb question number three hundred sixty five, and no Excedrin in sight?
A guy with powers is not supposed to get chumped like that. But I did. This was worse than a locked room; the door was a dead fall. It had no handles, no lock and it was larger than the door frame. It had been set up to look like a frame without a door. Now I was trapped like a mouse sniking the cheese. The room looked like any other well appointed home office slash study slash sitting room in a megacred mansion. The windowed wall had bookshelves on either side of the window. The wall to my right was a huge fire place though not lit at the moment it could hold a fair sized forrest fire. I looked up the chimney and it was a modern type that a fat rat couldn’t crawl through.. These were effective in evacuating the smoke through multiple tiny openings with a exhaust fan above. The rest of the walls were lined with more books and visual recording rods.
I stepped into the room and closed the door.

Johan, my partner, said “Gerald you can handle this simple job yourself, I have to go on another job. These are floor plans and pictures of the interior. As you can see there are books lining the wall in this office, behind them you will find the safe on the wall where the door is located. In the safe lies the data we need for Maxlex. You go, you get, you return, simple, yes?
“You know Johan, it always sounds simple when you say it. You managed to leave out a little issue like security, dogs, guards, and other nasty surprises.”
“Look, I had it checked out; there is no security, no dogs or alarms. It is a cakewalk, trust me on this. You get this object and we paid, like I said, simple. This is just a nother rich home in the midst of other rich homes. There is a roving patrol for the community but it primarily to keep looky loos moving as the drive thorough to gawk at the fabulous homes. For some unknown reason there is no internal security in the building and none outside.”

Johan had taken this simple contract with the thought he’d do it himself and he had planed to do just that. I was several light years away having myself a ball spending what I had earned on the money we got as a reward on a bounty we had collected.
The job did not start as a bounty hunting mission but the idiot couldn’t resist mugging and rolling Johan in his hotel room. Talk about your basic “ain’t got a clue” criminal type, this guy was dumb in all capital letters. As “joiners” we are also human and we can be surprised, not often but it can happen and it did. Johan had his mind a million light years away and he went into his room totally oblivious to his surroundings. The mugger was in the most obvious place right behind the door. A little sap the old noggin and get the goodies. In the midst of his act he is dissipating a large amount of psychic energy. Needless to say he was easy to follow, across the planet and off of it.
If you get the drop on a “joiner” you had best kill them because as he found out even light years away from the scene of the crime, you will be found. Anyway that is another tale; needless to say he is resting in Hell. Can you believe it a whole solar system called Hell? They have four planets and sixteen moons and every one of them is a prison. Our guy managed to get sentenced to a moon, now he is really doing an inside job.

Anyway Johan got interrupted just as he was about to take off to take care of the simple theft and he put in a call for me. Of course I dropped her on the very firm keister I had in my hand and came to his aid.
So why am I simply locked up?
This room is a cleverly concealed trap. The hidden door, it is hidden once you enter the room, was not the only part of the trap. The walls and floors and ceiling are of that new harder than ten year old cow sh*t ceramic-steel and the windows are made of clear and unbreakable lintite. The lintite was not just unbreakable it could withstand a micrometeor hit that is why it was liberally used in space going craft. It is strong enough to make up part of the structural component of the shell of out spacegoing vessels.
Now I am a pretty powerful guy, the average weapon just ain’t good enough to stop me and that goes for a good size group of people holding them. The number of people do not matter I can handle it. This material was beyond my capabilities alone to smash my way out of, I was trapped.

There were no security people rushing to apprehend me, they knew I was going nowhere. They could leave me in my prison, for that is what it is now, until I starved to death, my fear was that they might. A great locked room that was no mystery.

My symbiotic partner wasn’t very happy either; oh that is the source of my power. Certain humans have been blessed enough to be “joined” with a Fafrgnar. The little feller give us added brain power, it does not increase intelligence but it opens the sixth senses. The really fun stuff like telepathy and other mental capacities and that make one powerful, I was unusual among the unusual in that I was the most powerful “joiner” ever, and that was because I wasn’t an original. Every “joiner“ but me is the one person the symbiote has “joined” to and will die with them. Why my symbiote is different and why I am different is a subject Johan and I have spent many hours discussing. Over the last few centuries those who have received the blessing have learned we cannot live individual lives. We had to ban together to surrive.. In all millions of years human prejudice still is the law of the jungle, a fear of the unknown, the stranger is powerful.. How many times have I had to deal with “oh, you think you so special because got a worm stuck on you” and then I had to prove I was “special” and deadly. There is truly power in numbers but we keep our numbers down because we do not want to go to war with the rest of humanity and we want the Fafrgnar planet to remain in one piece. The planet is not on the regular star charts and is in a system unwanted by anyone it lies near the galactic center. We have been accepted by the majority of our galactic population but a hardcore knot of resistance will probably forever remain. Mostly it is not an issue,

Johan and I were partners in a different kind of business. Private investigators no longer existed in the old sense nor did mercenary solders we were a blend of both and neither.
Right now I just a thief, industrial espionage, a spy for hire or whatever, truth is what I really was is a rat in a trap.

I did not try my comm. link I knew the signal would be blocked by the material in the walls, ceiling and floor and I felt the wires in the windows were not there for decoration., Beside I did not need it I had my mind. I had explained my situation to Johan and he said “ tough sh*t”. That was it, no I’ll come and help, nothing, just “tough sh*t”. The data device was very tiny but held a terabyte of information in a crystal the size of my little pinkies’ nail, quantum computers are the bomb. I began to ponder my problem and there was an answer to getting out of here, Johan, the bum, knew it all along he just wanted me to think it through., as you can tell I tend to act then think, I am working on getting the order straight.
I sat in middle of the floor and I began to visualize the door not all of it just a circle large enough for me to crawl through. After awhile I began t sense the structure of the metal in the door only in that circle I slowly began to change the structure , reordering the atomic structure to something I could crawl through. It took an hour of mental strain. I pulled out my blaster and shot the center of my circle. The metal had its’ structure changed to a brittle composition, I aimed at the circle, which my blaster, boom it shatters and I get out with my prize.

I stumbled, as I was weakened by the effort and to my surprise the guards were on duty. I could sense their energy in the next room. Thought I was off balance with the mental energy I had used to escape, fortune smiled on me again, a blaster bolt hit the wall where my head had been, as I ducked. They did have security guards. My little symbiote lives on my energy, it gets fed when I do but it is also charged by my body chemistry. You know adrenaline is a wonderful drug and I’m glad my symbiote enhances its’ production because it uses it also. Because I was weakened mentally by my escape effort I did not have the ability to deal with the security in my usual fashion so I drew my blaster again. This was going to be a slug fest.

I could still sense presences especially now that I was trying. There were three of them. Two on the right and one on the left of the room I had to go through to get out. I could feel our strength straining to get us out of here. The two shooters on my right had hidden behind a large table I took a flash bang grenade and floated to my high up in the big room while I shot left and right to distract them. With two seconds to go I let it go and closed my eyes and covered my ears and opened my mouth.. The guy on the left was knocked out when it went bang. I ran into the room and pushed the table with a mental shove. The two shooters behind the table were only slightly dazed but were easy pushovers as the table shoved them back. These were not your typical rent a cops. The table only distracted them and another blaster shot hit the wall I was still behind.
I fired three quick shots to put their heads down. My Fafrgnar improves my shooting ability, I shot the hand sticking out on one edge of the table. Now I am not your athletic, well muscled type. As a matter of fact I am “round” by description, barely 150 centimeters tall. The second guard thought he could get in a shot since my aim had been on his partner. He stuck his head around the other side of the table and I obliged him by shooting him in his left eye. One out, one wounded and one dead, I felt I could trundle by form out of this situation.
I sprinted thorough the room and out the door. I was glad the office was not buried deep in the structure. This simple theft had trapped me, cost a man his life and really been more than it was worth in my estimation. I have killed before and I am sure I will again but that does not mean I have to like it. It does come with bad dreams. There may be someone waiting for that poor slob to show up for dinner or worse some kid or kids that no longer have a father. See that is what makes killing folk bad for me beside the symbiote on my neck I got a conscience between by ears.
Getting back out of the area was not hard and I made it back to where my little ship was stashed. At eighty meters long by twenty wide and three high it was small by the standards of space going vessels. It was the color of space and while it stood out on the ground it was nearly invisible above the atmosphere.
I got off the planet and made the jump to hyperspace.

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