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A Slight Miscalculation

  (By Kate Clifford ) Master we regret to inform you that the planet, earth is still alive and free. It would seem we had a slight miscalculation in a factor of our attack. Who would have believed that one soul could have such an affect? Yes, Master, I will give you the details of our attack and then we will return once again. We do have some positive information to share. During our attack we eliminated fifty percent of the population. Our next attack will be successful.

She awoke, head pounding like a hangover from a week’s of drinking. Frowning she took another aspirin, annoyed that once again it appeared this flu bug had attacked her system over night. Her health had been amazing for the past ten years and it was surprising to her that suddenly her immune system did not seem to be working. In childhood she had been seriously ill several times and had faced death more then once.

“Why”, she wondered, “was her body suddenly acting up so much?”

She didn’t realize she had spoken this question out loud until it echoed back to her now conscious mind. Looking out her patio window she became aware of the glassy cold puddles sparkled with autumn leaves. Could it be possible that my allergy to mold has increased she wondered this time without speaking. The thought drifted through her and was rejected as the sun touched the few leaves left on her favorite tree.

Now a new thought crossed her mind that made her uneasy. She started to think about how many people, like her, where becoming ill. Working as a cashier brought her into awareness many people do not have. An observer all her life she noticed events that most people would miss. On her fingers she could not count many that had not yet been affected by this flu. Everyone took it as normal, and part of the annual flu season. To her illness was not normal, in her case, she questioned it. It was only natural that her mind would drift to thoughts of the government doing experiment without the public knowing about it because of all the war’s going on at the moment. She took another sip of coffee while pondering over her questions.

Master we started out as you and I planned. We sprinkled the contamination over the earth’s surface. The germs being air born where quick to take to their atmosphere. It was done in the spring like you suggested, and few noticed the difference as they became ill and then better in the summer season. You were correct that the media would blame it on the birds. Like you suggested we increased the amount of germs in the following autumn season, preparing for the take over in the winter months.

The creature of the universe paused as it turned its body slightly in reflection on the events that it was now giving the Master. Isn’t it amazing Master that it was the germ we placed on the planet centuries ago that saved the human race against our recent attack? Yes Master I do agree that it is quite funny they are still blaming it on the birds.

Knowing that she should not delay any longer she picked up her phone and called the doctor to make an appointment. When she arrived in his office she noticed the usual medical smells that reminded her why she hated giving in to these visits. After a full examination she was given the verdict of the flu but the doctor felt it was a good idea to also get blood tests in case something else was going on.

She hated going to the clinic for blood work; especially now that she was feeling better. However she knew by the way this flu was working that this might be a temporary cure. Little did she know that she was to become the cure.

The blood interns where excited as they viewed her blood samples. Within the blood they saw cells attacking the flu bug that had been killing millions. Doctors questioned her about her background. They found out that as a child she was one of the few survivors of Spinal meningitis, one of the few that had walked out of the hospital without any apparent side affects. Immediately a call was placed into the government to have health records throughout the world to be check for other such children and these special children where called in to donate their blood to save the world.

She smiled to herself as she sat in the chair while they took more samples of her blood to help others. Who would of thought that I would be the cure some day she thought to herself. Perhaps being a sick child most of my life was a blessing after all.

The Master and the universal creature admitted that this planet was quite fascinating but still they needed it for their own purposes and began to make their next plan of attack.

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