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Another Mission

(By Tony Mike Nerone ) I was tired and stressed. I felt as if I had swollowed an alien in outer space. My stomach was sensitive to the human touch. The light shined very brightly above me. Than I heard the guy on my left say, Tony would you start counting in reverse starting at one hundred. And so I began, one hundred, ninety nine, ninety eight, ninety seven, ninety six. I stopped counting and started my dream. The pain although dulled a lot was still there. It had diminished greatly however, I started to feel two very soft hands cradling my scrotum, and my penis.
I opened my eyes lovingly, and seen a young brown skinned lady with a flowery hat shaving me with a slight smile on her very pretty face. I noticed that immediately, she expanded her smile looking than at me. And I then dropped back off to my dreams, content, and chilled.

The light brightened quite a bit, as I felt my entire body rise while still laying prone.
Another lady with jet black hair and beautiful blue eyes the color of the Atlantic stood above me. Her smile was bright, as she held out both her hands towards me, with a lilting New York voice said to me, rise Tony, join me.

With no exertion at all I rose to face this enchanting lady dressed in a sky blue smock. We held both our hands smiling and than facing each other in elevated space, she said, Tony I am your God!
Welcome home. Your mission is over. You did extremely well my love. Now is your time for ecstatic happiness. Come with me my love, God said to me. I want you to bask in my heavenly essence. I have assigned you already to your next mission but that will not begin for another 52 earth years. Until that time you will be with me, I want you to enjoy your afterglow.

My eyes opened then, but I could not see, nor could I breathe. Suddenly a sharp pain scorched my back-side. Immediately I released a loud shrill. My 52 earth years had elapsed. My next mission, had begun.

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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