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Blue Moon

Beware of every thought you have! All my life I would hear people say think before you speak and, watch every word you say. I always felt like this was good advice, but it never really meant much to me.

Mankind had a breakthrough for the fountain of Youth in the year 2025. People now lived as long as they wanted to and never feared death. When a child is born we have celebrations that can last up to the full 9 months that the child is created in the tubes. Life is celebrated at this time because it rarely happens anymore.

In the year 2030 the world agreed that overpopulation was a growing concern since no one was dying now, unless they got into an accident or were murdered. It was agreed that those who wanted children would have to sign up for the privilege and go through years of training to be a parent. Since people lived longer, it was important that a child would only grow up in a home where the best advantages for this child would be. This is the world I live in.

I looked up at the sky and shivered again as I saw the full blue moon shining brightly in the sky. No one predicted it, or expected it. Never did we think we would be forced to live by our words. “Sure,” I laughed, when there is a blue moon I’ll do it!” I don’t think I would have been laughing then if I known how many blue moons I would be seeing. I walked down the street kissing the feet of every man I came across.

“Sure, I’ll do it, when there is a blue moon!” I said with no intentions of doing what Ted had just asked me to do. Ted had wanted me to have sex with him and that was where I was headed now on my nightly feet-kissing walk. All of this I had to do after a days worth of cleaning the homes of many of my friends. How much longer could I live like this I wondered? “Blasted Aliens!” I muttered under my breath.

In the year 2035 Aliens had finally arrived on earth, but they were not in very good moods. Our armies had tried to attack them out of fear. If we had just left them alone everything would of just been fine. But no, our governments had to try to do to them, what they have done to many other civilizations. They got power hungry and wanted the universe, just as they had wanted the earth lands to themselves.

On July 23, 2036, Mantis the leader of the Aliens spoke for the first time and his words will never be forgotten. “People of the earth we came to you in peace and love, yet you have attempted to take from us things that do not belong to you. People of the earth, hear me as I say that from this day forward every word you have ever spoken will become your truth, and you will live by what you have said.” With these words spoken, Mantis returned to his ship and shot a blue ray at our moon, and then left us to be on our own.

Now think about the full horror of this implication! How often have you said, if I live to a hundred………….or sure I will as soon as I……….or, tomorrow I promise, I’ll do it tomorrow. Well tomorrow is always here, and the moon is always blue, and I have lived over 100 years. (By Kate Clifford )

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