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Vampiric Retribution

He stared at his reflection in the mirror as he breathed deeply in a few short hours he would be one of"them".
Destined to scour the streets at night preying on the weak and helpless just to quinch his thirst for life.

With every passing second he could feel his body slowly losing grip on reality and it terrified him.
The dead screamed out for him to join them and feast on the living but he resisted.

He used all his will-power to fight their influence but he was fighting a losing battle.
He was already starting to change he could feel it his hands grew cold and clamy as his teeth turned to fangs.

Gone now was the reflection in the mirror in place of it was a hunger for blood and chaos.
The moon shined brightly as he smiled"Let the games begin"he thought to himself as he opened the door.

He jumped from building to building searching for a victim as he spotted a young lady sitting alone in the park.
His mouth watered with anticipation as he locked his eyes on her throat"Come to me my pretty and let me feast on your life".

He called out to her to follow him to the alley she followed closely behind as he stood before her dressed completely in black.
She was completely under his control as he removed his hood and clamped down on her neck.

Blood dripped from his fangs as he relished in the feeling of what it means to be a vampire.
Her lifeless body fell to the ground as he wiped the blood from his chin"I feel so energized and free".

The sun was starting to come up so he hurried back to his sanctuary to rest he entered his coffin and closed the lid as he awaited for nightfall once again.
Hours passed by and finally the sun set bringing out the undead and creatures of the night.

He arose from his coffin alert and refreshed as he looked at the mirror with a smirk on his face.
"I have no more use for this piece of trash"he laughed as he smashed it to pieces.

"No longer will I be weak and helpless for now I feast upon all those that belittled me.
A devilish smile came across his face as he stared at an old photo album"The whole world will feel my wrath and I will destroy anyone I choose".

He ripped the album apart as he stared at the moon"Tonight I will feast and soon I'll bring thee doom".
He laughed physchotically as his eyes turned white"Death to all humans and long live the vampire" (by Steve L Reichard )
Where are my chips?
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