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The Dark side of the Planet!

(by robertgarding) Commander Leonard had just checked the flight path the ship was heading to, and he was smiling, because it was on the right path. His co-commander, who was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met was sitting at his side, as they both watched the horizon of the ships nose to see if they could see their destination.

Their destination was a small planet in the Delta Quadrant, that everyone knew until just a few months ago, didn't exist.

Commander Jack Leonard, and Commander Leanne Randall were the only two on board, because not only did they get along with each other, but they were the best the Earth Space Command had to send to check this "NEW" planet out. Heck, it hadn't even been named yet, though the scientists were stunned when it appeared two and a half months ago, glowing all bright blue, looking like it was about to come apart. It was about a month later that Jack and Leanne came to the Commander's office of the ESC and asked if they could take a trip to the new planet and "discover it's secrets." Commander Paul, a senior officer on this Rust Bucket of an outpost thought the idea was excellent, and started making the plans for the trip.

The ship they took was called the Exitor Priceless, named after a Gold Mine that had been found on the planet below, but had been abandoned after fifty men and women were obliterated in a matter of moments by something they never could figure out. The mine shaft was closed and the only remaining miner they got out came back with stories of horror and death. Through his accounts of what happened, the powers that be still could not figure out what happened, except for the fact that fifty men and women were dead on the planet with no way to get them off. So, the attentions of the command were turned elsewhere. To the new planet in Delta Quadrant.

Forty days later, and some hours after the pre-flight inspection, the Exitor Priceless was blasting off to parts unknown.

Since the flight to the new planet was going to take a year to get there, we went to the Cryo-Beds, and said "goodnight" to each other, and climbed into our seperate beds, so we could sleep the long flight away. And in this way, one year passed very quickly.

On the 363rd day of the flight, the computer of the Exitor Priceless woke up the Commander and his co-Commander, and as they sat up from their year long sleep, Leanne smiled at Jack, and looked at the orange tinged sky showing in the window beside her Cryobed then looked over at Jack. "Do you think we are there yet?" she asked softly. Her voice seductive, even though she didn't mean it to be.

"Most likely," came Jack's reply, as the computer's crackled to life in it's metallic female voice, reporting they were at the "new planet".

"There seems to be a huge amount of life down there," it continued to drone out, as Leanne wondered why the creators of the computer gave it a female voice. It sounded mechanical. "Precautions should be taken before going down."

"Life?!?" came Jack's exclamation question. "Life? How can there be life on a new planet? Life takes a long time to form!"

Leanne looked at him, and shook her pretty head. "I have no idea how. But the computer is never wrong." She said, and then continued on, somewhat pensively. "The sensors were made to detect any forms of life....."

They both got up and walked to the cockpit of the small ship, suddenly wishing they were not alone. Jack sat in his command chair in front of the console looking out the windshield of the ship,then looking down at the instruments, as Leanne sat beside him in her chair. They were both looking at the readout of the computer, that defintely told them that there were about 450 of some kind of life down there.....and it wasn't small.

"Well, babe," started Jack, he knew that it didn't matter if they were chummy with each other now, or formal...they were after all about a light year from home. "You want to head out to the surface, to see what the heck is going on down there?" He paused for a moment, and handed her an oxygen pill. "I want you to take that, just in case it is needed."

She looked at him, and then back to the screen on the computer, as it started to beep out a warning them, something was coming. "I don't think we have to go down there dear. Look!" She popped the pill as they both turned to look.

Glancing at the screen, he couldn't tell what it was, but something was definitly coming off the surface of the planet towards them. And it was coming fast! "We have to get ready, for whatever that is," he said with a commanding air to his voice. "Let's get to our weapons. We may need them."

She looked at him for a moment, and then they both got up and headed to the weapons armory located in the middle of the small ship. They hadn't gotten there yet when the first sound came from outside the ship. It sounded like something cutting into the skin of the vessel to get inside. "Hurry Leanne. Hurry!"

They ran as fast as they could to the locked door of the armory, when a loud crash caught their attention, and a great suction ripped Leanne off of her feet into the waiting arms of something standing there.

Her body hit the newcomer with such force that it couldn't hold onto her, and she was deflected off to a bulkhead off to it's side, and though dazed, she held onto it for dear life, as she turned her head and watched the creature move towards Jack. Once there, it ripped his head off and ate it. He didn't even get a chance to scream. Moments later the creature finished eating his whole body, with a look in it's hideous eye, that said it wanted more. It then moved towards Leanne, taking in her looks. She was wearing a tight blue shirt, and her breasts were bulging almost beyond the ability of the material to hold them, and her face was pretty but stretched out in terror as she looked on at the monster heading towards her. Her breathing was ragged, the pill that she had taken earlier that supplied oxygen to her body when none existed still kept her breathing as the atmosphere of the ship disipated into outer space. She realized then, Jack hadn't taken his pill, but since he was gone, it didn't matter. All she could see was the monster, as it was strangely beginning to look familiar, advance towards her. In a short minute, she was dead. Eaten in the same manner as Jack had the creature, now looking like a beautiful brown haired very shapely woman, sat down at the controls of the ship, turned on the radio, and signalled that there was nothing here, and the Exitor Priceless was on it's way back to earth. The creature smiled, and then started it's new ship on it's path back to it's next home, full of good food to eat.
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