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The Birth of a Leader

(by Phoenix Orion) Zateh walked outside of the overturned bus he currently called his home. It was hard for him to believe that just two years ago little children went to school on the bus. Of course a mere four weeks ago the bus had been fortified and used as a tank for the groups of civilians who were pulled into what most started to call the ‘half-breed’ war. The bus had crashed, with Zateh on board just three days prior, but the war was over, so why leave. He had fended off a few attacks on his new home with the machine guns welded to the sides, and the other assorted weapons stashed within the vehicle.

“Cho-cho! You still alive?” Zateh hollered.

Clambering out of a pile of rubble that Zateh knew covered her home, Cho-cho flashed him a smile. “You don’t think a few half-breeds can kill me do you, hot stuff?”

Cho-cho was a small girl for her twenty-three years of age, only two years younger than Zateh. She had waist-length black hair, bright blue eyes, which peered out through her hair, and a thin structure. Her size made her look weak, but during the short war, Zateh learned that she was a strong combatant, who had saved his life more than once during the four weeks since the half-breeds attacked. Zateh still couldn’t believe that the war took only four weeks to finish. It was the shortest war in history, but of course, once the bombs were dropped, the governments fell in on itself, and the masses fought with each other.

It was even harder to believe that it just five weeks ago the governments had dissolved, and only four weeks since the half-breeds had started their attacks. Once the governments failed their half-breeds had started attacking everything they could, forcing the civilians to go to arms, even after everything had been destroyed by the bombs. “Cho-cho, you should move in over here, it’s safer in groups,” Zateh started their usual conversation.

“Oh, quiet you. It’s your turn for food, what are we eating?”

“Well, if you would live in the bus with me, you would know wouldn’t you?” Zateh teased her, stepping back into his living space again. He searched through a few of the packs and found some dried meats and fruits. Grabbing a plate, he arranged the foods quickly, and brought it out again with a flourish.

“Dried crap again?” Cho-cho complained. “Didn’t we eat this same crap yesterday.”

“Well if you can find something around here, that wouldn’t make us cannibals, and you would be willing to eat, bring it over. I’ll cook anything you’re willing to eat yourself.”

“You know those d*mn half-breeds don’t leave anything for us to eat, and I sure as hell ain’t eating a half-breed.” They were both avoiding the one thing they knew would come. Cho-cho had a knack for bringing up unwanted subjects though. “What are we going to do when we run out of food?”

Zateh ignored her, not wanting to think of the future, when just a few weeks ago he hadn’t even known about the half-breeds, and in a few more days he’ll have to move because of them. Cho-cho glared at him when he didn’t answer, silently screaming at him through her eyes. “Alright, fine, I’ll answer the d*mn question. I would give us two more days, three tops. After that, we will have to go somewhere else or find a way to hunt for food.”

Cho-cho fell back onto a makeshift couch, and Zateh, slowly picked his way through the garbage and refuse which littered the ground. Sitting beside her she finally commented, “We’ll figure something out, won’t we Zateh?”

“Of course we will, Cho-cho. Of course we will.” He put his arms around her as she cried. As strong as she was, Zateh couldn’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t cry after what she went through. Just then an alarm sounded.

“Shit!” Cho-cho cried, and even without looking at her, he felt the changes begin to take place. The first time they met, he learned what she was. As he jumped up he ran for his stash of weapons. Grabbing his favorite shotgun he came back out to find Cho-cho holding an axe nearly as large as she was. Her hair had turned brilliantly blue, and her eyes were now red as if on fire. She had grown, muscle wise, and it was obvious she was no longer the young girl that Zateh was so fond of. She was tapping her foot, “I’m waiting.”

“Let’s go.” Zateh took off after her. Her speed was incredible and Zateh had trouble keeping up. “Could you slow down, Chaos?”

Even without seeing her face Zateh knew what she was going to say. Chaos hated having to slow down. The first day Zateh had met Cho-cho, he witnessed a change. When Zateh questioned her complete change of both looks and personality she explained hesitantly. She had been used as a test subject in a controversial lab. The government had used her when they first started tampering with genes. She had confessed to having multiple personality disorder, and the government took that to an extreme, actually turning it into a physical change. It was the same lab that had created the half-breeds, and after they had changed her genetic structure, they deemed the experiment a failure, and threw her out on the street with a few other test subjects, all with their own issues.

She moved back in with her parents, who were clueless as to what happened, and tried to live a normal life. Unfortunately that was when the war broke out. Her parents were killed while she tried to fight the half-breeds off. Which is when Zateh met her, he heard screams coming from in the house, so he rushed to help. If he had been a few seconds faster, he could have saved him, but he didn’t.

When his senses came back to him, he realized they were surrounded by half-breeds. The creatures attacked with claws and fangs, but they never reached Zateh, his shotgun tearing their bodies apart with each blast. Chaos was taking care of them faster though, her axe decapitating half-breed after half-breed. Zateh noticed that unlike some attacks, this one was organized. Most attacks were groups of half-breeds, but they were all alike. Zateh saw three half-wolves, two half-bears, and at least five half-snakes.

Zateh still remembered the first time he saw a half-breed, it was the day before he had met Cho-cho. He had learned of the different experiments, and the joining of humans with animals. It was sickening really, that the governing bodies would stoop as low as to breed these half-creatures. One significant side effect was the loss of humanity, causing the creatures to attack everything in sight. A rare half-breed was intelligent, but most could only follow orders. It was in that short reflection that Zateh realized what was going on.

“Chaos, there is some leader behind these attacks!”

She finished off the last half-bear, and turned to him. “What are you talking about?” she demanded.

“The attacks, they are too organized to be without leaders. There has to be a leader of some form.”

“Of course, which means we need one too,” she said softly, turning and running, “I’m going to call everyone, get them organized, and you clean up here. I’ll be back soon!”

As she disappeared a group of half-breeds arrived from the outskirts of the ruined city.


“I don’t see why we need any leaders! Leaders are what got us into this mess in the first place. I’ve been getting along just fine without anyone telling me what I should be doing.”

As Zateh had expected, the people weren’t very accepting of having a new leader. Cho-cho was leading the discussion, but very few were actually for the idea. Zateh knew that something had to be done, and that the people needed a leader, but someone had to convince the people. So far he had just been crouching, doodling in the loose dirt beneath his feet. Finally he felt the need to say something.

“You are all idiots!” he roared at the crowd. A hush fell over them, and he desperately searched for something else to say, lest he look like a fool. “How many of you have enough food to last another week in this place? How many of you lost everything in the war? We had four weeks of a war, and then those d*mn bombs were dropped and we lost everything. Soon after the half-breeds started attack. Killik, what was the first group of half-breeds you fought?”

Killik stood off to one side looking terrified, but he spoke with confidence. “It was two wolf based creatures.”

“And what did you fight today?” Zateh continued, knowing he could make them understand this way.

“Two wolves, a bear, a snake and a…oh my God, you’re right.”

Zateh knew then that he had at least convinced Killik, who had been one of the best combatants in town when the half-breeds originally attacked. Killik was a large man, standing nearly six and a half feet tall. His broad shoulders were covered in muscles. Zateh had seen him use nine-millimeter pistols with unerring accuracy, and then in the blink of an eye he would put them away and from seemingly nowhere would come a sword. Zateh didn’t know what to be more scared of, the pistols, or the sword. Zateh continued by moving from person to person, asking the same two questions until he was certain everyone understood. “So you see, we have to stick together or none of us will make it.”

“You’re wrong,” came a soft reply. Out stepped Nie, the most pessimistic man Zateh had ever known. He started on a tirade about how everyone would die; his short blonde hair was spiked, as was usual for him. His short, and thin body showed his fear and horror at the thought of a new leader. He spoke loudly, though he was almost drowned out by the rest of the crowd. As the crowd argued, Killik pulled Zateh and Cho-cho aside.

“Zateh, you know that the people will want you as their leader. And Cho-cho, you will have to be the second in command.”

“I was afraid of that, which is why I was trying to stay quiet,” Zateh said exasperated.

Cho-cho was shaking her head, “Just this morning we were worrying about our own food, and now…”

Zateh shook his head, not knowing what do to but tired of those who needed to work together fighting so much. Finally he roared at the crowd a second time, “Quiet!” Suddenly everyone stopped talking, even Nie and the ones against a single authority. “Well now that I have your attention, we will just decide. Those who want to work as a unit will stay. Those who don’t, leave, it is that simple. Choose now, those who will work with us, we have some decisions to make. Those who will leave,” Zateh glanced around the crowd. “Get out of my sight.”

Nie and a few others left, but when all was said and done the group stood fifteen hundred strong. When someone asked who would be leader, someone shouted Zateh’s name. He swore it was Killik, but it didn’t matter, for soon everyone was chanting in unison.

“Zateh! Zateh! Zateh!”

Zateh spotted Killik as the crowd hoisted them on their shoulders. He was laughing hysterically, and just like that, a leader was born.
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