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Penitentiary Planet

(by nichtmich) I am heartily sorry that this godforsaken planet was ever discovered. These hoodoo rock formations have brought about a universal prison reform. A hellish stalagmite nightmare concocted by a sadistic genius who should be given a mega-dose of his own medicine.

It is inconceivable that a man of my superior capabilities would become a part of the forgotten ones, enduring their pathetic existence for decades at a time. I know the names of those who will pay for their folly in sending me here. It is easy to hate when you've forgotten the scent of roses. The lucky ones are those who live to serve out their sentences with some semblance of sanity remaining, or indeed, simple live through it at whatever the cost. Fortunately, I am ultra sane.

I have heightened senses of awareness and though many would think it a blessing, it is a curse. I'm not like other people, I can't stand pain. Yet here I am, being treated like a plebeian. I have always belonged on a pedestal, but this is extreme even by my standards. Trying to save and enrich the world with my wisdom was definitely not worth the trouble it has caused me.

Once you are convicted of High Treason you become contagious, the only cure is total isolation in a sterile atmosphere. On this plateau, I have no communication whatsoever. The other prisoners on their sky cells are simply too far away. The wind carries my words away but never delivers them to their intended target. Occasionally, someone leaps to their freedom on the craggy rocks enshrouded in the mists below. What happens then, there is no way of discerning. If I knew, I would give it a try. Maybe I would land in water and swim away, they would never catch this fish again.

I was always meticulous, I never signed my name the same way twice, always switching each time from the left hand to the right. It would have been impossible for anyone to forge my signature. Still, the government came after and captured me, held a faux trial and dumped me here. The world will know my caresses again! I am strong, I work out daily and elocute on an alphabetical basis, speaking only A words one day, B the next, etc. I want to keep my oratory skills scalpel sharp. The rest of my day is devoted to my studies. I receive books with my weekly food rations and, believe me, I eat every bite so they will remember that I'm alive. Those empty food cartons attest to that.

My dreams have shown me the way to world domination and I shall be a compassionate despot. I have noticed that on each and every page of every book I read, I can pick out the letters g~o~d, usually several times. The message is clear. My travails of today will become legendary. There may even be a few budding Einsteins back on Earth, I fervently hope so. When I am reunited with my legions of followers I will pay more attention to propagation so that my descendants will ever rule and I will live forever.

See the butterfly on my shoulder? It loves me and I love it, because it is free. I hate it for the same reason. This is the test of a leader. Should I condemn and kill it as is within my power? Should I pardon it and let it go on it's near mindless way? Do any of these peasants know the answer to this one? No, but I will explain for future enlightenment. I am this creature's Supreme Master, I can do anything I please! After all, should I ever make a mistake, I can always pardon myself!
The babies race
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