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A Day At the Beach

One day a man decides to go to the beach. Not just any beach,
but a nudist beach. After he arrives, he finds a soft patch of
sand, lays out his towel, and settles in, reading a magazine.
Five minutes later, a young boy of about five, walks over and
asks: "What is that?" The man, startled by the shrill voice,
answered, obviously annoyed, "That is my duck." The boy
replies, "Can I play with her?" The man goes, "No, go away."
Another five minutes pass, and the boy returns to him, asking a
similar-yet-different question: "What are those?" The man rolls
his eyes and says, "Those are the duck's eggs." The boy asks,
"Can I play with them?" The man says again, "No, go away!" Yet
another five minutes pass, and the boy comes back. "What is that
hairy thing?," he asks. The man begrudgingly says, "That is the
duck's nest." The boy asks, "Can I play with-" But the man
interrupts him. "NO, would you go away, I need to take a nap!"
So the boy leaves, and the man falls fast asleep.

He wakes up in the hospital, freaking out that he is there,
because he is not sick, grabs a nurse. "What in blue blazes am
I doing here," he yells. The nurse says, "I don't know, why
don't you ask the little boy, he was there the whole time." He
grabs the boy and asks angrily, "What have you done to me? Why
am I here?"

The boy innocently replies, "Well, you fell asleep, so I figured
you wouldn't mind if I played with your duck. So I played with
him until he spat on me, so I broke her neck, cracked her eggs,
and burnt her nest!"

Hmm. I wonder how he was raised...
The Pinnacle of PR
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