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The girl i love

this girl i like i have known for about 5 years ( from the 1st year in school to 5th year the prestent) and we have been good friends.
we talk we laff and at the school disco in 2nd year i get asked off my friend if i want to get her ( kiss ) and i did i realy did. she
was and still is beautiful her long brown hair her smile her eyes how she gets on with every one and no one ever sayed a bad thing
about her but i got asked if i wanted to kiss her and i remember it it was the halloween disco and she was dressed as an angle she
wore a wight dress and she had a wight fluffy halo and the fluffy wings so when went out the disco room ( 5th and 6th year comon
room ) and we walked by the boys toilets we turned the cornor at them and walked up by the learning saport base and thier was a
little coredor that lead out side and my friends pretended to go away but they hide behind the wall and we started to kiss she
was agents the wall i moved in close our bodys tuching and i could hear my friends asking are they kissing yet and another saying yes
with a giggle and then i hear a teacher sayed go back into the hall but he sayed it quietly but i didnt care about any of that i only thought
about her i loved every second of it and when we finished kissing the teacher was still thier i knew she was embarised she walked away fast
and the teacher sayed " is that your girlfriend " and i replyed "i hope so sir" i walked into the hall and she must have goten over it
all was acting so none of her friends and i sat with my friends n they were asking what did the teacher say n then i got asked if i
wanted to go out with her and i was over the moon but i didnt act like it and i sayed yes but the next say she dumped me and went
out with one of my other friends i just wanted to tear apart the school it was hell but the only thing i sayed when i found out was cool

but i got over that and now in 5th year and i started to think about about her and 2 weeks after that her friend came up too me and sayed
she was thinking of kissing me and i sayed yes but i didnt no how to go and ask her but i also wanted to ask her to be my girlfriend but i
didnt have the guts to i was scared incase it was a lie and she sayed no so i didnt and then when i was going to ask her like as i was
walking over the her the same friend that told me came over and sayed she just wants to be friends and for a second time i didnt no what
 to do so i walked over to the blacony n she came over ( her firend ) n asked if i was ok n i sayed yes n gave a fake smile and she also
 told me that she was going out with a guy n now when she sits wit me and her friends he is always thier n i have just site and smile and
to make it look like it dosnt bother me i have a wee joke with him now and again but why shouldnt i coz like its not his fault and he must
 like her  too but then again who wouldnt but av asked my friend about it and she told me to just wait till they break up and then ask her
 out but each day gets harder because i see him and  her together laffing and huging and kissing and it hurts realy bad i feel like crying
but i dont i dont want to show any sign that i care because it could reck her relationship with him and i can tell she is happy with him
but if he ever hurts her in any way well i would put my years of boxing to use i care about her a lot  but i gess i need to wait and if you
have read this and wonderd why put this on here its because i need to tell some one and if i tell some one i no then i would get bammed up so
i tell the world THAT I LOVE HER 
Unlucky Fish
[HOT VIDEO] Unlucky Fish

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