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Last day of School

Last day of School 'Grade 8'  June 18th. Second to last Scene.
(Very Warm out. Sunny day with Fresh air.) At High School.
Few students walking along the paths, sitting on the grass or in classes, waiting for the bell to ring. The Bell rings. Everyone heads to the gym. Few line ups.People are waiting to get their year books.

Abby comes down the stairs from her last class.

Some of her friends are outside already with yearbooks.

Julia walks towards a line up from her last class room with two of her friends.

Every one's waiting in line, Abby's Line (2ed line) walks into the gym She walks towards her table. The Teacher hands her a Year Book.
(A few people came after her to get year books)
Abby walks towards the gym doors to outside.

(Surprise with Happiness)
Calls out Abby's Name. Waves at her but Abby doesn't notice it. Julia gets her year book,then tells her friend she'll meet her and others up later outside on the field. Still calling Abby's name.

Abby is already close to the doors heading outside.

(A little confused wondering who's calling her)
Turns around and sees Julia "Smiles" bright as ever.

Both of their eyes meet. (they both smile) Julia is walking towards her.

(Abby Sorta looks down, then up again at Julia walking towards her) Julia kinda does the same.


Standing right in front of Abby.


Both Smile. (hugs).

People are still getting their year books in the gym
behind when  Abby and  Julia meet up.

Outside a lot of people signing year books and getting food (BBQ). Back to Abby and Julia about to walk out from the gym. Julia and Abby walking with their year books side by side, talking, cross the field towards their friends.

The last day of school. Forest. June 18 Last Scene Evening, Sun is nearly going away. At 6:30 p.m after dinner, It's still light out.

Julia and Abby both are Walking towards the forest called 'The Ever Lasting Forest' entering it.
(But it does end somewhere)

It's half Light out. Open spaces that show light into the forest then some places aredark. (Rabbits, birds, small animals that would live in a forest)

Shows the two walking along the trail that has flowers and grass, rocks etc both are having fun, holding hands,a kiss here and there,running part way then walking  and enjoying the weather.

Through the Light/Dark forest to the outer end of it where it ends up at a beautiful small Beach. Sun set going down slowly.

Dark out 8:30 p.m, Warm out but kinda of cold. Very quiet. Can hear the crickets, frogs small animals at night. the sound of the waves going back and forth.
Very calm, with the sound of the loon . Sun is almost disappearing at 9:30 p.m. Julia and Abby lying on the beach against a log, with a small fire on the beach.
One of the girls puts her arm over the other and the other puts her head on the girls shoulder. Looking out towards the ocean and sunset fading away. Later on the moon shining down on the water,they're  talking and  giving each other small kisses While the fire is glowing in the night. Summer Begins then. Written By Elisa Fowles  
Laser Pointer Dog Attack
[HOT VIDEO] Laser Pointer Dog Attack

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