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I don't even know i'm heartbroken


Once there was a very beautiful girl that I met at Middle school. It was the first day of school she enters and I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her. I had already felt in love with her. I wanted to ask her out but I couldn’t because I was really shy so in a few weeks I did I was fucking happy that she said yes. But then hours, days, and weeks pass I walk with my ex because I was stupid. Then she started to talk to other guys they give each other nicknames and tell them self that they love each other. I found out and she told me that she won’t do it again so I trusted her but she keep on I don’t know why she started to talk to guys. I guess to be even but this isn’t a game. I wanted everything with her but she did it with more than 1 guy. That really hurts I love her so much that I’m still with her at this moment 5/12/12. I should have known since she did it the second time I should had leave her go but I couldn’t because I love her so fucking much. One day I will have the balls to let my love go :,(

I can say I hate her because she did so many things that no girl would do. This is a really hard but I have to let her go. It really sucks to be in love with a girl when you just a teen. Sometimes I wish I was dead I know is stupid that’s how teen feel when they heartbroken. Only teens that were really felt the love understand me. Is really hard to forget and UN love a girl.

Now I’m just in my room in the dark listening to our song and heartbroken song. I know it won’t help but fuck it. I could keep on and on talking but this is just not worth it.

I love you _______ I just wish we were perfect but there no perfect relationship. I really loved all those time we had together. I just wish there’s a girl out there just like you but an honest one. I’m sorry if I left you but I had no chance. I love you.

Alex K.N



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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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