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A Conversation Between Friends

Weathertracker14 says:   Hey! Ya there, Legoless? It's me, Weathertracker14!   Legoless says:   Yeah. Just got home. I had a doctor's appointment; seems I am always going to the doctor's for one thing or another. It's depressing.   Weathertracker14 says:   Tell me about it. I am so sick of doctors, I could just spit! In fact, I had an appointment today, too; saw Dr. Ram at the MD clinic.   Legoless says:   What did he say? Are you getting worse? Please don't tell me you are!   Weathertracker14 says:   I am not getting worse, but I am not getting any better either. I'm stable...for now.   Weathertracker continues:   I hate worrying like this.   Legoless says:   Me, too.   Legoless continues:   When is your last day at school?   Weathertracker says:   Next week. Then we're off for the summer, until September, the day after Labor Day.   Legoless says:   My last day is..well, I really never paid attention since coming here to Tennessee. We're here because we're going to Fan Fair which is in a few short weeks.   Weathertracker14 says:   We're going, too. We go every year.   Legoless says:   I think we already discussed this the last time we IM'ed each other. Remmber our talks about Ronnie Milsap? And Reba?   Weathertracker14 says:   Ohhh, yeah. I do now. I guess I am just tired. Tired of school, tired of homework, tired of...well, you know. My brain's fried. It's always like this at this time of year. I think I have the "End-Of-The-Year-School Blues".   Legoless says:   Me, too. I am just glad I got out of going to school so we could go to Fan Fair. This is my first time going; I am really getting excited!   Weathertracker14 says:   Me, too. I am glad you get a chance to go. You'll have a good time, I know you will! And with our being disabled, we get a jump on the crowd; we get to meet the stars before they do; in fact, we got two hours on them. We get to go in two hours early, and not worry about people running into us or knocking us down when we go from booth to booth!   Legoless says:   That'll be nice. If there is one thing I don't need, it's ending up back in the hospital again. I've had enough of hospitals for a while.   Weathertracker14 says:   Me, too.   Legoless says:   I am happy that your mom is pregnant. When I heard the news, I about freeeeeaked!   Weathertracker14 says:   Not like meeeeeeeeee....when I heard the news, I couldn't believe it, but it's true . I'm going to be a big brother--again.   Legoless says:   I hope your mom is feeling better, in terms of her morning sickness.   Weathertracker14 says:   She seems to be. She's stayed her shift at work the past few days, even pulled a double shift last night. She made it through, no problems. She was jsut tired; when she got home, she said hi to us, gave us all hugs and kisses, and went immediately to bed. She didn't get home until 11 last night.   Legolses says:   Ewww. Double shifts. YUCK.   Weathertracker14 says:   I am glad we aren't old enough to work yet.   Legoless says:   Me, too! LOL   Weathertracker14 says:   What you doing now?   Legoless says:   Typing to you....LOL   Weathertracker says:   I didn't mean that. I meant to ask, what are you doing later? I'd like to see you.   Legoless says:   I'll have to ask my mom and dad. Make sure it's okay for you to come over. Hold on, let me ask.   ~Silence~   ~Silence~   Legoless says:   Okay, I'm back. You're cool to come over. Mom and dad invited you for supper. We're having chili con carne and tacos tonight. That is, if it's okay with your folks. How's that sound?   Weathertracker14 says:   Yummy! LOL Hold on, let me ask...   ~Silence~   ~Silence~   Legoless says:   Halloooooooo? Are you there? Hey, JOHNNY!!   ~Silence~   ~Silence~   Legoless says:   Geez, what's taking so long? Hmm,   Weathertracker14 says:   WHOO-HOOO! We're ON for tonight! I get to come over for supper! Whee!   Legoless says:   That's great, Johnny! See you later!   Weathertracker says,   See you later! I have to get ready! I will be looking forward to seeing you and the family later!   Legoless says:   Not as much as me! Oooh, this is going to be so much fun!!   Weathertracker14 says:   See you soon, Rebekkah! If I don't get off soon, we'll miss our date! Bye! Love ya!   Legoless says:   Bye! LOL Love you too, Johnny; you're too cool!    
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