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Waiting for Harry

Harry was my younger brother. All right, he's only 30 minutes younger, but you get what I mean. So, even though he's only a half an hour younger than I am, which I never let him forget, mind you, he's still the youngest, and he still got all the attention. Harry was the one everyone adored; the only guy that every grandma came up to just pinch his cheek; and the one every girl in school had a crush on. You know, it can be really annoying for your best friend to come up to you one day, just in a regular conversational manner, and say, "Hey, Hilary. You know, I've never told you this before, but your brother is really cute." Just what, exactly, am I supposed to say to that, that her hamster is the handsomest chunk of rodent that I've ever seen? Well, anyway, you get what I mean. So, back to Harry. Harry was really slow, not mentally, it's just that he took his own sweet time whenever he had to do something. So, naturally, I was always waiting for him, waiting while he brushed his teeth before school, and waiting for him to finish a chapter of his book when I wanted to go to the park to meet some friends. As you can see I was always waiting for Harry. I waited for Harry for a long time, whenever we came back from college for holidays and whenever I sent him a letter, always waiting for him to send one back. So, the years went by and I happily waited for Harry. But one day that all changed; the draft came. Harry was taken away when we were just 23. And soon Harry was in Vietnam and I was still back home, just waiting for Harry. But now the whole country waited, not just for Harry, but for everyone in the wretched war. We waited through Christmas, silent and resigned as the radio played, and we waited through Easter, looking out the window at the neighbors hunting for eggs. Then, one day all the waiting ended abruptly. A telegram came. I was at home that weekend, in between classes. I went to answer the door and as soon as I heard the words, "I'm sorry miss," I knew what had happened. I thanked the man, and then went to my mother and we cried together. And then, with all of the waiting over, and a funeral to plan, I realized I would do anything, anything at all, to wait for Harry one more time.
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