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My Secret Life

" Code 4 report to 755 Black Road Drive A.S.A.P." I was at my house sitting on my couch with my family when I recieved the dispatch. " Guess I'm out!" I said kissing both my parents on the cheek as i ran out the door quickly grabbing S'mores Pop Tarts. I ran out my front door to my Patrol Car. I reached into my pocket fumbling for my keys. I ran over to the drivers seat starting the car. I sped out of the driveway. Code 4 means proceed to destination with lights and sirens immedeiatly.I reached down to the dashboard, I pushed 2 yello buttons causing the lights and sirens to turn on. " All Officer on duty please call in!" " Officer Daniels, #79 en route to dispatch site, approximate ETA is 10 minutes, Will call when at site."

" 10-4 Officer #79." I radioed in. 10-4 means arrived at scene. I parked the car, took the keys out and opended the door and stepped out. I looked up and saw a old building. " 79 to Department what's current case?" " Department to 79 we have a AWDW ( Assult with dangerous weapon) Kidnapping 7 year old girl, approximently 4'6 wearing a pink overall dress, brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, possible DB ( Dead Body). " Copy that roger." I said. " Hey, Daniels, we're going in. You ready to attack and bust?" a Officer said. " Yeah, let's go." I stated. We entered the building armed and ready. As we walked up stairs we heard a blood shrieking scream. The scream of a ... LITTLE GIRL! Hearing that we wasted no time. I pushed infront of the other officers. The screams lead me to a door. " yall might wanna back me up." I yelled looking down to them. With my gun out of it's holder and in my hand I backed up and with all my might i kicked open teh door. Thats the last thing I felt, was the pain that shot up my foot. I remember finding the girl but no trace of the suspect, I remember looking into her eyes then a sharp pain shot through me, and then I fell!

" Uh, God. My head hurts, major headache. I feel like i was hit my a freaking train, my god!" I slowly opended my eyes expecting me to wake up in my bed, or at the Department with the Chief standing over me yelling for me to wake up. I looked around for a few minutes before i realized i was in a hospital. " NO, I'm dead, Oh my god, no one can hear me. No, why me? I'm too young. If this is about the whole eating pizza while I said I was on a "diet" I promise i will never do it again i wa.." " Chrystal, Your not dead!" Said a voice. I looked to my left and saw a Police Officer. " Oh," I said. Oh my fREAKING God, how embarrassing. " What happened? Oh shoot the girl, the guy wha." " The girls fine, we got the guy. But you on the other hand got shot and pushed down 5 flights of stairs and some how survived." Said another Officer. " Doc, says you'll be realeased in 2 days." I breathed a sigh of relief, THANK GOD! I promise I'll stick to my Diet now!

2 Days went by so slow. Finally I was out. I hadn't been in school for 2 weeks so I get to go back today. I was 50/50 about going back. 50 % wanted to but then 50% didn't. Well, time to go. I looked down and saw I was in my uniform still. " Guess this is my outfit for the day" I said getting into another Patrol Car. AS we rode there I searched my body to get a feel of where my wounds were. I had a big deep cut on my forehead that was now stiched. I had a broken hand now bandaged. And then a bullet wound near my collar bone that was all patched up as well as stitched. By now we arrived at school. " I'll pick you up ." Said the Officer. I smiled back and exited the car. " Time to learn." I said sarcasticly. I looked towards the building. 7 Hours and counting until schools out. After that i made my way to Homeroom. When i turend the corner i expected for people to run up and hug me saying their glad I'm alive, in stead I got complete silence as i walked in. Apparently no one knew I was a Cop, they couldn't see my face in the paper and my name wasn't mentioned for my security. I could see people glance shots at eachother then back at me. If this was a cartoon the seat in the back of the room would have cobwebs on it. I made my way slowly to the seat and sat down in it. The stares I recived turned my face bright red. I'm so embarrassed. I wanted to crawl under my desk or in the case under anything hollow and deep and never come out where people could find me. Well, now only 6 hours and 59 minutes left till I could go home. This day will never end will it? As if God knew I wanted relief I recived this: " Officer Daniels #79 Assistance needed, BKG ( booking) and RPRT( Report), Chief would like you on the case, involves a statement, Victaim stated they wanted you and no other Officer. COPY?" Said the Department Dispatcher on my walkie talkie. " Uh, yeah sure but I'm at school and It'll be hard to get out of and also i need a ride so," I started to say. " No problem, I'll notify school and transportation is on its way." the Dispatcher said into the walkie talkie. " Um, I have to go, i have a appointment so i.." I stopped. No use in waiting for a answer, it was dead silent once again. Ok, stop staring at me people. God, Im just leaving. I ran down the hall and out the door. Like the Dispatcher told me a Patrol Car was sitting out side running waiting for me. I Opened the door and sat inside. " I have the weirdest call, Chief wants me to start a BKG, I have a VICTAIM that wants to make a statement but to only ME!" I said putting my seatbelt on. " Any Idea who?" Asked the Officer " Amazingly, NO!" I said as we pulled out of the parking lot. I sighed as we stopped at a red light. " Long day at school, bad?" Asked the officer. " Yeah, long and bad." I said. He tapped his fingers on the wheel. The light turned green and we turned right to head to the Department. " No one knows, well knew what i was / am." He looked at me adn smiled. " What do you think'll happen now that everyonhe knows what you are?" I looked at him. " distrust, Cold SHoulders, but worse of all humiliation, remember now that we , well no me other Officers, arressted half the football and cheerleading squad at the dance due to them drinking, so they'll hate any Cop, Including ME! But it won't be something new, everyone already hates me at school, even before they knew my little secret." I said. We pulled into the drive way to the Station. With the car shut off we climbed out. Since we are staff we went through the garage door. " Go to his officer first( Chief's) to find out what the deal is." The Officer i had been with said. I took a deep breath as i walked down the hall. It seemed to stretch forever before I reached his door. I koncked twice and then entered. No lights were on. I felt around for the switch but couldn't find one. All of a sudden all the lights popped on and people popped out of different parts of the rooms. It was the whole Department, Fire Officals, and TV Camera Men/ News Stations. I shyly smiled. Someone tapped my lower hip. I turned around. Looking down I saw that little girl I had rescued and had in my arms before I fell. " Hi " She mumbled fiddling with her yellow, fluffy, Teddy bear's bow tie. I bent down and smiled. " Hi," I replied. She dropped her teddy bear and bardged at me. She flung herself into my arms. I lifted her up. I heard the Chief say " Her parents died the other night, she's a orphan now. Tomorrow she's going to a permanent boarding house, no one wants to adopt her." I looked down at her. I could see it in her eyes, tears started to form, her lip trembled. I knew what needed to be done. I stood up, straightining my uniform I turned around to face everyone. " I'll adopt her." I said. Everyone went dead silent. " No, It's, It'll be hard. You Cant." Said the Chief. Everyone else nodded in agreement. " Watch me do it" I said. Turning around I walked out of the room, the little girl following me. She turned around and stuck her tongue out at the Chief and the cameras. " Daniels, Don't you dare walk out of this Department." Yelled the Chief. I stopped in my tracks. " Not without these" he said. I turned around to see what he was talking about. I saw papers flying in his hands. What the..i thought. I walked up closer to see what they were. " Adoption papers, i think you'll need these." he said smiling and reaching out to put them in my hands. The little girl gasped and ran towards the Chief. She flew into his belly. " Thank you, thank you dad." she said hugging him. She looked up at both of us. " Just go with it," he said smiling. She spun to face me and motioned for me to pick her up. I reached down and swooped her into my arms. She yawned. " Mommy, we there yet?" she asked. the Chief and I laughed in unison. " No baby, not yet." I said. I waved good-bye to the Chief. " I look forward to seeing you at work tomorrow." he said winking at the little girl. I waved back telling him I feel the same way.

I unbuckled the seat belt and lifted her out of the car seat, Placing her on my hip i slammed the door of my Patrol Car. I walked up the my house. I turned the handle balancing her on my hip. " Hello," I yelled. I could hear footsteps. I saw 2 shadows and then my parents appeared. " Honey, how are y.." my mom stopped in the middle of her sentence and stared at the little girl and then me. " Mom, Dad, say Hi to your new Grand-daughter. I adopted her." I said to them as i once again shifted to balance her weight. " Remember when I got shot, this is the little girl i responded to the call for." I whispeared. She started snoring and fell asleep with her thumb in her mouth. They both quietly ran towards me and hugged me. They mouthed they loved me. " I should go to bed, both of us are totally wiped." I said. The nodded in agreement. I kissed both of them good night and headed upstairs. I pushed open my bed room door. The air conditioner belw a nice comforting breeze on me. I walked towards me bed, turned the sheets down, placed her on the right side of the bed. I slipped into my Pj's and climbed in next to her. She stirred and then squirmed towards me and curled up into my arms. " I love you mommy," she yawned quikly falling back to sleep. I pulled her hair to her side and kissed her forehead. " I love you too baby girl." I whispered, WOW I have a daughter. And she looks just like me with the hair and eyes. This day was the best day ever. I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning and start my new life, with a daughter.
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