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Its the Silence That Bothers me Most.

I sit down on the sickly green-but velvety-couch.

"hmm..I really need to repaint my nails," I said, facing my fingers which had black paint eched accross each nail, in a very untidy way.

he just nodds, then sits down beside me and puts his arm around my shoulders.

I give a small smile, refusing to face him.

"I'm tired..." he says in a low voice, rubbing his eyes, then turns twords me and smiles.

I shrug.

"Don't fall asleep..." I then look at him. "if you do, I'll poke you for eighty years, ya got that?" He just lets out a small laugh, then sinks lower in his seat.

"I'm not kidding." I lay my head on his lap. He says nothing.

"Johnnnyyyy..." I poke his shoulder a number of times, seeing that his eyes were closed.

He opens them and looks down twords me, gives a small grin then leans his head back, still saying nothing.

I sigh.

'why must it always be like this!?' I sit straight up and take his hand, biting it softly.

"ow!" He snatches his hand away, clutching his thumb.

"It wasn't THAT hard." I insist, yet I could still see his face was twisted in pain.

He shows me the mark I left.

I shake my head. "That's what you get! Stay awake!"

I wait for an answer.

Nothing. He just asumes his previous spot.

"urrgg.." My head falls into my hands. For God's sake....

"...why are you so quiet...?" I ask.

He shrugs.

I sigh.

"What I great convorsation..."

He nods.

I give up.
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