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Diseased Heart Of Passion

Within my partly filled self , I wandered in the veranda , waiting for my dad to drive back home and park in the new parking lot independently , for the first time . Perhaps he’d never looked into its insides before . The inside of the cosy garage . Ooh! Quite like a stable for a horse . I turned it into one whenever I had to . And I’m sure my dear Serbier (a strong bownish red Arabian horse) might have not minded that ever . I dreaded at the prospect of his being discovered by my father . He might just throw him out of the garage . I didn’t have to think about that lingering space between the certainty and the uncertainty . Serbier was discovered , of course . I’d brought him home from my grand dad’s farmhouse and that was where he was bound to return . He couldn’t just gallop about in the streets , for it would have troubled my dad again , in time to pay the fine , and bringing the temporarily released horse back home .

“Okay , Evi . Its vacation time , so I spare you . But your animal won’t stay in my garage . We’re taking him to your grandfather’s farmhouse tomorrow . And you’ll be spending your vacation there .” Spending the whole vacation at the farmhouse with my grandfather? Woh! Is that my punishment?

He noticed that weird look formed on my face , but went on . “And don’t give me that expression . Its rude . There’s a surprise waiting for you , there . You’ll like it . Now , get that look off your face .” Before I could say anything , he turned around and walked inside the house . A surprise waiting for me at my grandfather’s! What a joke! Huh!

I spent the whole evening scrubbing Serbier clean . I was sure that he didn’t want to leave me . Without thinking over what my father had said , I dozed off by 9pm . He woke me up early in the morning at 5am . “Time to get ready , Evi . We’re leaving in an hour .”

I took a quick shower , and rushed to the garage to fetch Serbier . He was already in the truck my dad had hired on rent . All through the drive the music was on . I’d inserted the Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ in the stereo .

“What’s it there waiting for me dad?”

“Someone special , honey .”

“Give me a clue , please .”

“Oh! no . This is your punishment . Shut up! And let me listen to the Beatles .”

I’d been convinced wholly , that he was just trying to be strange . His surprises are always cool! He’s the only one who knows and understands me best .

We reached the farmhouse finally . Jumping off the vehicle , and bringing Serbier to the black tarred surface , I ran over to my dad again . “Where’s my surprise?” Unusually , Serbier freed himself of my grip and galloped across the green path , disappearing behind my grandfather’s cottage . I followed him to the perfect spot and spotted the wonderful present , waiting there for me . It was my best friend , ‘Anne’ . I ran over to her lifting her up to a good height . “Anne!”

“Evi-iiii , where did you gather all that strength from?”

“Its my little secret , good girl .”

“Oh! Yeah?” With that she struggled to get to the ground , making me lose my balance and falling back head side . Oww! That hurt . And that heavy little silly fell on the top of me . That hurt even more .

“I’m sorry , Evi .” She massaged my head , and within a minute I was up again , standing with my legs fixed to the ground , and with my gaze fixed at her pretty face . We stood five feet and seven inches tall before each other . I had that weird style of dressing . It lacked sense and color combination . I wore anything that sat on the top of the pile of my clothes . On the converse , her dressing sense was perfect! We used to be together at school , during the lawn tennis coaching classes , and the swimming training sessions , till they shifted to a different state . Our fathers had been good friends from college . Her parents had left the state for the vacation , leaving her at my grand dad’s , after planning with my father , to spend the vacation with me , at the farmhouse . After all , it had been long since we last met . We’d been talking over the phone for three months , almost thrice a week , right from the day we had last met , but she never mentioned this .

Dad had been in the cottage enjoying the morning tea with his dad . Sure , then . He had been knowing about Serbier hidden in the garage . I hugged and greeted my grandfather before walking up to my dad . “Dad , it’s a beautiful surprise .” He had sipped the last sip of his tea , and was all set to go back . Businessmen are weird! They don’t even give themselves a vacation . I hugged him tight , and he placed a soft kiss on my forehead , before leaving . After he had left and my grandfather had left the cottage to milk the cows , I walked up with Anne to our cosy bedroom . The wooden floor and the wooden walls! They seemed so intact and perfect .

She tried teasing me and poking me in the nose , ran out of the cottage to its backside . Watching her run , Serbier playfully galloped after her . The sight of an animal running after her for no reason , scared her . She ran faster for her life , and that excited Serbier even more in the confusion she forgot to mind her way , and tripped in a pond , with ducks surrounding her . I laughed at her with a generous spirit , and patted Serbier’s back – “Good work! Smart boy!” This frustrated her more . “Grrr!” She exclaimed , and threw her hands onto the disturbed surface of water .

She swam out , and aiming at my stomach , charged at me with her head , like a bull , throwing me back on the ground head side , again .

“AAAH! You’re planning to break my skull today? huh!”

“Sorry , again . But I’m not getting off now . Why didn’t you hold back your stupid animal?”

“He’s not a stupid animal . You’re a stupid girl!” She pulled my hair at that .

“Sorry , I was joking . Hey , but he was running playfully . Alright? Ah! I know what I have to do now . I’ve to get you closer to Serbier , to understand him better .”

“Understand him ‘better’? Miss , aren’t you just enough for him?”

“Oh! no . Not without you” , I instantly responded . It muted her . Shit! Was it that serious? She stared deeply into my eyes . It needs passion . Like childhood passion! Yeah . I clicked my fingers before her eyes , shaking her . She got off of me , instantly , feeling slightly embarrassed . “So , Anny , lets get to know Serbier better .” She looked up , and said , “Yes , let us” , with a genuine smile on her face . Yeah . Passion helps every time . I helped her with it . She caressed his ribs , while he stayed still .

I taught her how to ride , making her understand him a better way , at the same time . It was only in the beginning of the training that my fine horse refused to cooperate with her , bucking her off his back on day one . She drew back , scared , till we both ascended his back together . I supported her in the beginning , sitting on him with her but within a week , she got over her fear that had crept up due to the first day’s misfortune . Within fourteen days , she had learnt to ride on him perfectly . She had learnt to love him , like me , and often kissed his soft furry face passionately .

After feeding him , we ran into the cottage to consume the delicious meal , my grandfather had prepared . He had been reading a joke book aloud to us , on the dining table . We laughed together , sharing the jokes we had known from school , with him . After dinner , he walked into his own room , and we ascended the wooden staircase into our room , sneaking into our cosy bed . She had learnt to imagine wild , from me . Staring out into the night sky , initially , she closed her eyes .

This was going to be the last night of our vacation . I broke the silence , narrating my imagination…“Just the two of us…” She knew exactly that I’d started to speak my imagination , and made her sweet voice join in instantly , passionately…“Just the three of us…” I figured out that very moment that she had pulled Serbier in our imagination . After all , he had been the one , connecting us closely through the vacation . She continued , “…riding over the vast green belt , meeting the horizon….” I joined in , “…and the horizon takes our ride into the clouds…”

“…into the vanilla clouds….” She continued , “….till we sail through that white boat into the deep blue waters…” I joined in , “…beating the force and the intensity beneath , we ride onto the sea bed….” She covered my mouth with one hand , and went on , “…But suddenly Serbier bucks , throwing both of us off his back onto the bed of the blue with the blue surrounding us . I’m over you , just the same , and our lips meet for the first time…” Suddenly she stopped , realizing that she had spoken too much of her imagination , half scared that I might just leave her , and half excited , because she had spoken her heart’s desire out to me .

Silence lingered on for a minute . I loved her to the degree infinity , and the revelation of her heart hadn’t surprised me one bit . The impulse of my heart had jumped up to a higher rate with passion , waiting for her to react first . I looked deep into her ocean blue eyes , assuring her that she had committed no crime , laying her loving heart bare before me .

Gaining the assurance , she passionately rolled over me , and holding me by my hair , pulling them downward to lay me down (that initially did hurt) , she kissed me deeply on the lips , without regret . She pulled back and breathing slightly , exclaimed , “I love you , Evi .”

“I love you , too , Anne” , I admitted , before breaking into tears . She had learnt to understand me , with Serbier . She sensed at once that this night won’t be too long . It will fly away , to pave way for the daybreak , in another three hours , and we’ll walk in our different ways again . She wrapped her arms around me , lying me down again , and wrapping her body against mine , whispered in my ear , reminding me of something that regenerated my impulse , pulled her closer to my heart , and made me love her more than ever . The prospect of staying undisturbed with her , as her room mate…“This is our last year at high school , ending in another four months” , she reminded me . “Then we’ll be staying together at the boarding college .”

At this , I kissed her neck softly , and hugged her tight , with a broad smile , and she remarked , “My trainer of passion!” , kissing me to a deep dreamy sleep , in the best night of our life .
So funny! What are the chances?
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