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Summer night.

one summer night i was like so bored so i scanned all the channels in our local cable. i suddenly paused for a moment when i saw this one particular channel.

its like a chatroom wherein u use your mobile phone to chat. its a bit costly but i tried it though. just to kill my boredom and i was a bit curious too.

i made some friends and they told me some techniques so that i could have a free chat.

one night, i was like having a great time chatting with my "so-called" friends from the chatroom when theres this chatter, i can say shes a newbie because her message was quite long. it caught my attention and i dont know what got into me that i PM her. she replied at the chatroom saying that she didnt get my nickname and that she cant reply. so i Pm her again. it cost me a bit because PM was not free. i really dont know why im like interested on her. yeah shes a newbie and it seemed that she was just dropping by to greet someone.

she replied and gave me her number. i texted her and she did reply immediately. her name was Lyan. i was like texting this other girl too,her names lonie. so we were like having this conference because lonie PM her too.

it was a blast. we were like having fun. we have the same topic. all about alcohols and boys.

Lyan told me a lot of things that night.

she even mentioned that theres this boy whos bugging her and she didnt like him.

i felt so comfortable talking to her.

we stopped communicating for like 3 months since that night,

i still remember her and i was wondering whats wrong.

she gave me her landline number but it would be charge as long distance because shes miles away., shes not from our city.

and i was hesitant too because she might not remember me or something. i was like really close to calling her up from our school. i was going to buy a fonkard when i suddenly changed my mind.

and hope that one day she would just text me.

sometime in august,

i received a message saying something like:

"hey! how are you?"

"im fine. and who are you?"

"its me Lyan. remember?"

it really made me smile and it also made my day.

she said that she was just borrowing a phone and told me that she lost her old mobile number.

she texts me once in awhile,

because she dont have her phone yet.

and when she did, we were like close as ever.

i would update her on everything that has been happening to me and vice versa.

it was like magical.

we found out we have a lot in common and we also think a like.

though we dont have the same taste when it comes to food.

since the moment i met her,

it made me somehow smile knowing that i have found a friend.

though i havent seen her in person and all,

i really trust her from the bottom of my heart.

and so does she.

she helped me in so many ways.

she cheers me up when im sad.

makes me laugh, makes me smile.

ive been through hell but since that

summer night, i kept on holding on.

knowing that i found a precious friend.

i like her so much.

i wish i could see her.

yes ofcourse i saw her through pictures.

she often sent emails and some of her pics.

and i do just the same.

we develop a rare type of friendship.

shes now my bestest friend.

its been 5 years from now since that summer night.

and its also been 5 years from now that i met my soulmate.

she maybe a girl but a soulmate can be anything or anyone.

im so blessed to have her.

and i would do anything for her.

we have our several fights because of miscommunication

or misunderstanding but still she didnt left me.

shes the reason why my phone beeps.

shes the reason why im trying my best to finish my 4year course.

shes the reason why i believe in the beauty life and the future.

i still havent seen her in person.

but i will next year.

after my graduation,*fingers crossed*.

i thank her for the friendship.

for accepting me.

for the lovely things she bought me.

for everything.

shes like the sister i never had., my soulmate.

if ever you read this.

isolabyu and u know that.

not a single day i miss to say that

i lav u
Union is strength
[HOT VIDEO] Union is strength

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