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Failure To Notice

“Good morning Vixon Kane High school. Yesterday, Michelle Corroll set a new school record for cross country, which keeps them, undefeated with a record of 13-0. Good Job Girls! Honor Society’s award ceremony will take place at 7pm…”

“Wow, Michelle is awesome at like everything.”

“She’s also really nice! I heard she’s the president of that honor’s society thing… hey Ronnie, you’re really lucky to have her as your older sister…because without her…” the girls giggled. Ronnie looked up, and pretended she didn’t hear. She then continued searching her bag to stall time. Every time Michelle was mentioned or on the announcements, Ronnie’s classmates mocked or insulted her.

When the bell rang, Ronnie walked slowly to her next class so she could talk to Ian. He found her first, and kissed her on the cheek.

“How is it going with your parents?” Ian was the first boy, actually, person who talked to her not because of her older sister, but as a friend. They’ve been together for about four months already, and this got Ronnie to finally feel happy about being herself.

“Hey Ian, um… I just don’t know anymore…” Ronnie pulled Ian into a quiet hallway. She looked down on the floor. “My mom told me I’m not her daughter anymore… and all I was trying to do was defend myself when I told her the good news…”

“The good news about your grades going up?”

“Yeah… and she called me stupid, and she said that I’m just a useless daughter… Never could make them proud.” Ronnie’s eyes started to turn red. Ian shifted Ronnie’s light brown hair out of her face.

“It’s alright Ronnie, just ignore them, okay? They just don’t realize how lucky they are to have you,” Ronnie smiled and wiped her tears. “So it’s okay, right? By the way, I can go with you to Michelle’s ceremony thing. I’m going to be late for my next class. I’ll see you at lunch.” Ian waved and walked away. Ronnie slid her back down the wall and took a seat on the cold floor. Ian made her feel good inside, except Ronnie never wished to tell him that. She checked her bag to see if everything was still there.

The hallways were empty, and the lockers were like blades of grass aligned side by side. Ronnie shook nervously on the floor, staring at the outline of her bag. She found that bag while staying at a homeless shelter. Ronnie stayed in the streets for five days and there were no ‘missing’ signs, calls, or searches for her. When she returned home, her family was on a cruise to the Caribbean.

Bell after bell, Ronnie still sat there, and skipped lunch. Letting Ian see her sad mad her feel even worse. The last bell rang, and Ronnie felt dull and lost.

I should’ve listened to Kendall; I should acting like everyone should care about me... Maybe, I am a selfish brat and I don’t care about Michelle, or Kendall and Ross. But she is my sister and they are my parents… Who touched my bag?

“Give it back!” Ronnie snatched it back angrily. A group of cheerleaders giggled, looking inside her bag. Their eyes widened and the bag fell to the floor. She stormed furiously out school door and started to run home.

The sky was dark and foggy from the rain in the morning. Outside Vixon Kane High School stood Ian, waiting by the front.

“What good looking boy would want you as a girl, huh, Ronnie?” Her mother snickered as the Corrolls walked to the entrance. Ronnie ignored her comment and Michelle chuckled. From the post lamps, Michelle’s red dress shimmered like a queen’s crown. Her father stopped, faced Michelle, and smiled.

“Michelle, we’re so proud of you. And of course, we love you so much.” He grinned and hugged her. Ronnie walked fast and kept a far distance from her family. This was the worst she felt in months.

“Welcome to the Vixon Kane High School Award Ceremony. Please take your seats and we will begin.”

In the auditorium, Ronnie took a seat next to Ian, far from her parents. The auditorium in the school was more like an opera house, where every whisper echoed throughout the area. Ronnie fiddled nervously with her purse, checking every often if everything was still there. When Michelle received her award, almost every girl held up signs cheering for their friend. They took up seven rows. Ronnie’s parents stood up, clapping and crying their hearts out. Ronnie watched them, and suddenly kissed Ian.

“I wanted to tell you this for a long time… I love you.” After saying this to Ian, she ran up the stage with her bag at hand. She snatched the microphone from her sister, and yelled, “I’ve spent my whole life living in the shadow of my sister. Kendall and Ross Corroll, you ruined my life. Vixon Kane High School, thanks for nothing.” She put her hand in her bag, and said, “If I can’t be somebody, just screw it.” Ronnie took out the .45 gun out of her bag and shot every source of light in the room, while everyone screamed in terror. Someone ran on to the stage, but Ronnie couldn’t discern who. She held the gun, sweat dripping down her forehead, pointing above her ear. Someone touched her on the shoulder.

“Ronnie! Please! Don’t do this!” It was the last person she wanted to talk to. Ian’s voice sounded raspy and Ronnie could tell he was crying. This rushed her heartbeat even faster. Ian grasped her hands and tried to wrest the .45 out of her hands.

“There’s nothing more you can do, Ian! You’ve helped me make the right decision! I’m sick of all this!” her voice struggled to be heard over the screaming voices. “No one can ever understand!” A loud thump from the stage echoed throughout the room.
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