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Brandon & Jay

I sighed, laying on my back with my hands cupping the back of my head. My eyes were closed as a gentle breeze brushed over. It was so peaceful when there were no other people around. There was nothing wrong when I have a moment like this. I yawned and peeked my eyes open to look at the foilage above me.

"Do you plan on laying here forever?"

I opened my eyes and sat up slowly, tilting my head slightly as I looked up at Brandon. Such a gorgeous man. His dark brown hair was a mess on top of his head, and his bangs hanging over his face. His dark green eyes looked between the wisps of hair. That beautiful smile made a show as he noticed he had my attention.

"Is it a problem if I do?"

He gave a chuckle before dropping to his knees in front of me, leaning foreward, pushing me back to the ground as he kissed me. He then sat up and moved beside me. "Of course not. You're dreamy when you sleep." I scowled at him, "And I'm not when I'm awake?" He laughed once again before toying with my hair, making the goosebumps form on my skin. "No, when you're awake, you're sexy." I growled before pulling him back down to the ground, and the two of us began to wrestle about.

"Hey, lookie there. The fags are being gay again." My blood froze as the oh too familar voice was heard. I stop wrestling around and sat looking at his shoes. Luckily, he was alone. "Go away, Aaron." Aaron took a step foreward and sneered, "What was that fag? Did you tell me to go away? C'mon thing, fag, make me."

Brandon rose to his feet and narorwed his eyes at him, "If you want someone to make you go away, I'm more than delighted to do it." But of course, Aaron wouldn't fight Brandon. Why? Brandon was an important person at school. If you messed with him, you instantly would have more than half the school ready to start a fight. Aaron spat in our direction, "Faggots go to hell, you know?" And with that he left.

I sighed and hugged my knees, my day ruined by him yet again. Brandon snarled a few nasty comments before sitting down next to me. "Oh, c'mon, Jay, you're not gonna let him get to you are you?" I sighed and laid back down once again, "I swear, he and his friends are the only people who have a problem with us..." Brandon nodded, "They are. So don't worry about them." I rolled onto my side, using an arm as a pillow as I closed my eyes. "I can't help it." Brandon smiled and ran his fingers through my hair again, "Well, okay. But remember that no matter how much they try to break us, they can't because one; I'll always be here for you, and two; you'll always be here for me too. Right?" A warm feeling formed in my chest before I moved back to lay on my back as I smiled up at him, "Yeah." He laid down next to me and kissed at my neck softly while a hand went out, searching for mine by traveling down my arm. I gave his hand squeeze and nodded. No matter what they said, he always made it more than better. Even though we weren't meant to be accepted, he made it okay.

"Hey, Jay! Come downstairs! Brandon's here." I groaned and rolled over in my bed before hollering back, "Send him up!" I would think this would be obvious by now. "No, no. Come down." It was Brandon's voice. I sighed and without even bothering to put any else on, I went downstairs in my boxers. "What is it?" I yawned, rubbing at my eye. Brandon grabbed at my wrist before pulling me down on the couch, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I was one lucky of a kid to have parents who were okay with this. "Jay, will you go to the prom with me?" I laughed at him, somewhat harsh. He gave me a confused look. I smiled and stretched out on the couch, my legs going over his lap. "Of course. But why'd you have to ask me in front of the folks?" I heard my mom squeal and I sighed, now knowing exactly why.

"Oh! The prom?! How cute... Hey! How about you invite some friend over after the prom...? Oh! I'll have to buy some things..."

It was set in stone. No questions asked, there would be a party. I sighed, watching my mom wander out of the room while still making plans with herself out loud. I glanced over at Brandon and shook my head, "You're a cruel man." Brandon grinned and leaned over to kiss me, "You know you love it."

"Geez, Jay, how much money does your mom have?" I was busy sulking under a tree as I looked over the confetti, streamers, banners, chairs, tables, and food that my mom went all out on to buy. She always over-did everything. Most of my friends were already splashing around in the pool my mom got at least five years ago. They wanted me to get in, but I was much too self-concious. Even at school when swimming, I didn't want to. So I usually didn't. Brandon came over to me with two cups of punch, one for him and one for me. "Your mom really knows how to throw a party." I sipped at the juice and scowled, "When we go broke, I'm blaming you." He grinned and wrapped an arm around me. "Don't worry. I just wanted you to remember this night." I finished off my drink before sighing. "I'm not even doing anything." Brandon took my cup and his and tossed them in the trash. He gave me that one look that I knew meant trouble and stepped back, "What? What're you planning?!" He picked me up and began to carry me to the pool. I yelled and twisted around trying to get away. We got attention right away. Everyone cleared a area around one edge of the pool and started cheering. "Oh no... Brandon! Don't! Nooo!" He tossed me into the pool, and you can bet that I acted like a cat would've. When my head got back above water I wiped the hair out of my face, "That was not cool!" Brandon jumped back again and gathered me in his arms. "C'mon, loosen up Jay, enjoy tonight."

I sighed before grinning, swiping a leg under Brandon's as I pushed him back, dunking him under the water. Everyone started cheering again, and a water war began. But it eventual wore off and everyone went to lounging around on floaties or on the deck or on the walk-way near the stereo. Brandon and I laid in the grass next to each other, holding hands while I rested my other hand on his chest and my head on that. Everything was always so perfect with him.
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