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Best Friends

'I think we should break up, Melonie.'

Those words continued to repeat in her head weeks after they had been said. And they were what caused the fresh flow of tears down Melonie's mascara stained cheeks.

As she reached across her bed for the Kleenex box, several short knocks came from the door.

"Melonie can I come in," a voice said.

Dameon, one of Melonie's best friends. The two had known each other since they were in diapers. And now in their freshman year at high school they were still as close as ever.

"Yeah," Melonie said with a sniffle, "you can come in Dameon."

With a small squeak the door opened and in walked Dameon. When he saw Melonie in her sorrowful state, he brushed his dark hair out of his eyes and sat down next to her on the small bed.

Seeing her like this crushed Dameon. He hated seeing anyone hurt, but especially Melonie. Though they were best friends, Dameon wished for more.

"Aw Mel," Dameon said giving her a loving hug. "It's been three weeks since he broke up with you. You should be over him by now. And besides, you deserve someone much better than that jerk."

Melonie said nothing. She knew that she did deserve someone much better than Jordan, but she still felt like she was in love with him, even though the boy had found a new girl not even four days after breaking up with Melonie.

"You know what Mel," Dameon said.

"What," Melonie replied morosely.

"You need to have some fun," Dameon said jumping off of the bed. "Yeah, that's what you need! C'mon let's ditch this room and forget the past!"

Melonie giggled at Dameon's enthusiasm. Though her heart was smashed and all she wanted to do was cry, she couldn't be happier to fulfill his plan.

"Alright, fine," Melonie said with a smile. "I will, as you say, 'ditch this room and forget the past.'"

"Ah, now there's the girl I call my best friend," Dameon said. "Now you get yourself dressed and pretty-fied," he said walking toward the door to wait outside. "And them we'll be off!"

When the door closed behind Dameon, Melonie covered her mouth to suppress her giggles. This was the reason why she loved Dameon so. Even in her darkest hour he was always there to comfort her and make everything better.


"So where are we going, dear" Melonie asked Dameon as they walked down the street arm in arm, as they often did.

"Well, dahling, I heard that the spring festival is going on down in Village Park."

"Hmm sounds lovely," Melonie said with a smile.

Dameon loved it when she smiled. When she did everything about her seemed brighter. Her brown, eyeliner rimmed, eyes, her light brown hair, her lovely face, everything.

And it was moments like this that killed him inside, for he knew they could only be friends. Or could they possibly be more?

Pushing the thought away, Dameon replied, "well then off to the park we go!"

In five minuets time the duo had reached their destination. All around balloons swirled in the breeze, scents wafted to their noses, young excited children ran about, and local venders displayed their goods.

Already, something had caught Melonie's eye. Dropping her hand into Dameon's she pulled him into the sea of tents. The one Melonie was drawn to held two large tables covered with small handmade clay creatures. With a small chuckle Dameon thought, 'of course, her favorite.'

"Oh look at them Dameon," Melonie whispered as the stroked a sleeping tiger cub, "they are so precious."

"Mhmm," Dameon said as he picked up a clay dragon. "This one looks so fierce, he just might bight you!"

"No he doesn't," Melonie said removing the creature from his hand. She eyed the dragon for a moment. "No, he just looks protctive. Like he trying to protect another dragon that he loves, even if it means death."

Dameon thought it was amazing of Melonie of to be able to do that. She could see past the hard outside layer of a person and see the soul.

Soon afterward they left the tent, though they were not empty handed.

Melonie had found a wolf figurine that she had simply adored. And hearing how she had described it, the shop keeper came to Dameon and asked if he would like to buy it for his girlfriend.

"Girlfriend?," Dameon questioned.

"Yes, that lovely girl holding the wolf," the shop keeper said.

"Oh were not togeth-," Melonie started, but Dameon said he would love to buy it for her.

As the sun traveled overhead the two continued their fun at the festival. Endless games of ring-toss, several more visits to other venders, many meetings with people from school, and a stick of cotton candy each had brought them into a state of wonderful happiness, though by the evening hours their wallets were empty.

Music had begun to play through out the park, and around them many couples were together. Still hand in hand, Melonie and Dameon were sitting beneath a tree, gazing out onto the parks' pond, which was now reflecting the many festival lights.

Suddenly, as a new song began to play, Melonie gave a small gasp.

"What," Dameon asked.

"They're playing my favorite song," Melonie whispered.

Listening closer, Dameon found that it was indeed her favorite song, Broken by Seether and Amy Lee.

Up until this moment, through all of the years he had known her, Dameon had kept his true feeling about her hidden. But now, in this moment, he felt ready to show them.

Standing up, her hand still in his, he asked, "Melonie, would you care to dance?"

"Yes, of course Dameon," she said pulling her self onto her feet.

As the two of them danced, Melonie was thinking. She thought of how she knew that she loved Dameon. Yes, she loved him as a brother and best friend. But in the past weeks since she and Jordan had broken-up, Melonie felt as if a strange pair of glasses had been put on her.

She began to see Dameon differently...she was unable to describe it but, things were different. She also felt emotions that she thought she had only ever had when with Jordan.

What was wrong with her?

"Melonie," Dameon asked, bringing her back to reality.

"Mhmm," she said softly.

"Well...," Dameon started, but suddenly butterflies erupted in his stomach. "Umm..."

"Yes," Melonie said looking up at him with her large eyes.

" know how we've been friends for so long," Dameon felt as if a fire had been made beneath his cheeks.

"Of course, Dameon."

Melonie looked into his blue eyes for answers, but they only darted to look over she shoulder.

"Well...," Dameon stammered. "Umm well...I mean to say...oh never mind." Dropping his gaze Dameon walked away to sit again beneath the tree.

"Dameon," Melonie said as she went to him. Sitting on her knees in front of her friend, she brushed his dark locks of hair out of his face.

"Dameon, what is wrong," she said as she searched his eyes again for answers.

I...," Dameon started, "I....I love you."

Dameon watched Melonie's face as he spoke those words. She knew that they were not said as a love of friends...but as a love of more.

Melonie was not shocked, for she had seen it in his eyes. He did truly love her. And it was those words that made everything clear to her.

She loved him too.

"Melonie," Dameon asked. "Say something!"

But she didn't say anything. All she did was lean forward, and kiss him.

Both felt that time had stopped all around them. Nothing mattered to either except the other. Moments passed, and slowly, as if with difficulty, Melonie and Dameon separated.

"I love you too, Dameon," Melonie said smiling, as she returned for another kiss.
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