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Breathe No More

I knelt in darkness, the sombre silence of the moment echoing in our ears.

Jodie stood over Maria’s body, smiling bitterly, the gun still clasped in her sweaty hands. Maria’s body slumped to the ground, a perfect red hole in her forehead.

She’d killed Maria! She’d shot her even as Maria struggled and wept in her bonds, pleading her life. Now Maria was just a corpse, her blue eyes huge and scared, staring upwards for all eternity.

‘I did it!’ Maria whooped, holding the gun above her head as she twirled back to face me. She had a smear of blood up one cheek, clinging to her eyelashes and hair.

I stared at her blankly, unable to recognise my ex girlfriend. Jodie was a sick, twisted individual; that’s why I’d ditched her for Maria in the first place. Jodie had been really sweet at first, but then she’d started getting possessive and obsessed. She made my life torture and wouldn’t let me even talk to other girls. I had to let her go. For a while it seemed that she was fine with it; that was until I asked Maria to the prom, of course.

‘I did it!’ she screamed again, arms shaking, black hair flying around her face as if she was a fallen angel. She caught a glimpse of my face, stopped and treated me to a sick grin. She began to stalk slowly towards me, one hand outstretched, a finger curled as if to beckon me towards her.

I shuffled back as far as the rope tied around my wrists would let me. She kept following, stopping above me and bending down.

‘Do you see why I’m doing this?’ she asked gleefully. I didn’t respond. She kicked me and yelled, ‘DO YOU SEE?’

I shook my head frantically, swallowing and closing my eyes as she waved the gun close to my face. She sighed, as if disappointed, reaching out to rip the duct tape from my mouth.

‘I’m doing this because you cheated on me with that whore!’

‘I didn’t, I promise,’ I begged her desperately.

‘You did!’ she shrieked, turning back to Maria and shooting her two more times. Maria’s body jerked like a broken doll, almost making me think she was still alive for a minute. That wasn’t possible, though. ‘How could you? I thought you loved me!’

‘I do love you,’ I begged, anything to get this witch to stop shooting at the dead girl. Maria wasn’t even really my girlfriend, if I thought about it. Maria was my friend and no one had asked her out to the dance, so I’d suggested we could go together. She’d said yes.

‘You love her more than me!’

I shook my head, ‘no, Jodie.’

She screamed, a horrible, tormented wail that brought me to wonder if anymore had heard the event inside. The car park was deserted round front and nobody would be coming round here to the dustbins.

‘You’re a liar!’ she screamed, suddenly confronting my face with the barrel of her father’s gun. I stared into it at point blank range, my eyes crossing and burning.

‘Jodie, please. Don’t do this.’

‘Do what? I’m doing this because of what you did to me!’

‘I didn’t do anything!’

She snorted, looking at me as if I repulsed her. ‘I don’t see what I ever saw in you anymore, Kyler. You’re lying, cheating scum!’

‘I’m not!’

‘Save it,’ she snarled, shoving the barrel into my forehead. She smirked at me, stuck up a finger and yelled, ‘I hate you, Kyler Stevens! Breathe no more!’

The gun clicked and I breathed no more.
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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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