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Those Damn Dimples

Perfect smile. Perfect eyes. Perfect hair. Perfect laugh. The perfect guy. What does it all mean anyway? They are all perfect on the outside, jerks on the inside. Or else, it always feels that way. What is it with guys? They buy you things, tell you that you’re beautiful, take you places, and love you. Then it changes. Just like that. Maybe it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Maybe it’s just me. Guys see me and think “She looks like a nice, clean, smart girl. I think I’ll trick her into loving me, and then leave her standing in the dust before she can even say it.” At least, that’s how it feels. It seems like I should have learned my lesson by now. For some reason, I keep falling for the same old trick. It’s like eating chocolate cupcakes. You know what happens when you eat them. Your jeans get tight and you aren’t able to fit into that new dress you bought, but you’ve just gotta have one more. I just want to know what’s wrong with me. I want to know why guys go for me, and then split without warning. Am I too loud? Do I not smell good? Am I annoying, or boring, or clumsy? Well, I can be loud. And I’m pretty sure I can be annoying and boring and clumsy. Who isn’t? And I only smell if I don’t have time to take a shower. Gross, I know. Even then, I manage to put some perfume or something on. So what’s the problem? Maybe guys should just leave me alone in the first place. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the heartbreak.

I see him glance my way when I walk down the hallway between classes. I resist the urge to glance back. He has got the most beautiful eyes. Light green, rimmed in gold. No. God, I have got to stop doing that. It’s like a sickness. Once the cute eyes take over you, there is no turning back. It’s like the reel you in. In the end, you end up skinned and fried and served for dinner alongside some coleslaw. Definitely not the way you want to end up. Life would be so much easier if everyone’s eyes were all the same. Black. Black eyes definitely can’t reel you in. They’re too cold. Too lifeless.

Oh great. There he is. My latest ex. The one with the adorable little dimple on his right cheek. Look at him. Gorgeous as any guy out there. But I know what’s inside. A scumbag. Oh crap. Here he comes. Is he walking towards me? I’ve got to do something quick. I don’t want to talk to him! He’s going to say something. He’s opening his mouth. He’s right in front of me!

“Save it!” I blurt a bit too loudly, and push angrily past him. Bewilderment strikes his face. There is a chorus of laughter and I turn to see Mr. Dimple wrap his arm around the waist of a tiny blond girl that had been standing right behind me. Crap. Now I’m single and mortally embarrassed. Perfect combo.

I start to walk away when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I reluctantly turn around, expecting to see one of Mr. Dimple’s friends there to torment me. Instead, I see Green Eyes standing there, grinning sheepishly. Oh man. I’m hooked, and surfacing fast. Damn. I can smell the French fries already.

“I’m guessing that you and Ben don’t get along all that well,” he said. Oh wow, his voice is sexy. Not too deep, kind of quiet and shy. I think I need some sort of medication.

I shook my head. “He’s my ex.”

“Tough,” Green Eyes replied.

“Hey,” I said. “Your name is Griffin, right?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “We have Spanish together.”

Green Eyes Griffin from Spanish. How was I supposed to know if he was any different than Cute Laugh Chris from Health or Nice Smile Nick from Algebra II? Yes, I am very aware that I have a problem. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. He hasn’t even asked me out yet. Maybe he just wants to talk. I’m so full of myself.

“I was getting ready to go get some coffee. Want to come?” he asked.

I guess I was wrong.

“Sure, that sounds good,” I heard myself say.


As an added bonus, it turned out that Green Eyes Griffin wasn’t just drop dead gorgeous, but he was smart and funny too. What a guy. They all start out that way. But Griffin seemed different somehow. He seemed more sincere than any other guy I dated. Like, he really listened to what I had to say. He shut up and let me talk every once in a while. He only fooled me for a second though. As soon as I finished my iced mocha, I would stand and say, “Well, this has been quite lovely. But I’m afraid that I am going to have to leave now. You see, I know what you are trying to do. You are going to make me love you, and then you are going to sleep with some random girl behind my back. Because that is what every guy does. So please, never speak to me ever again, and I will be on my merry way.”

Oh yes. That is what I would have said if this had not happened. Green Eyes Griffin said, “This is going to sound really gay and all, but I have had the biggest crush on you since for the past two years. Except we never met because, I went to school at the church. You know the one that you go to. But I would see you every Sunday in church. Something about you, I don’t know what, had me hooked. I used to loathe church on Sundays, but after I saw you, it became me favorite day of the week.” He tapped his straw on the tabletop and cleared his throat. “It’s like you had me hypnotized. You sure made sitting through the sermons a lot easier.” His face turned scarlet red and he looked down at his hands. “I told you it was going to sound gay.”

I sat there, transfixed. I was stunned. Never had a guy said anything like that to me. Ever. On first “dates” they would say, “You look really hot.” or “So, how about my place?” They never said, “It’s like you had me hypnotized.” How incredibly romantic.

I tried to shake it off. It’s a trick. I told myself over and over that it was just a dirty trick. But I couldn’t convince myself that it was. He was still sitting there, blushing. How much cuter and sincere could it be?

“Say something,” he mumbled. But I didn’t say anything. No. What I did next shocked the living hell out of me. I leaned across the table a kissed his cheek. I NEVER do anything like that. But it just felt right. His face reddened again, this time fire engine red.

“I guess it wasn’t as gay as I thought,” he joked.

“Not at all,” I replied. I stood and hooked my purse over my shoulder. “I’ve got to get going,” I said, even though I didn’t want to go at all. But if I didn’t, my mom would kill me. Then I couldn’t go have coffee with sweet, adorable, innocent Griffin anymore.

“Um, ok,” he replied, standing also. “I’ll walk you to your car.”

I unlocked my car door and Griffin stuck his had out awkwardly. “So I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess.”

“Yeah,” I replied, kissing his cheek again.

“I could get used to this,” he said, nodding his head.

“Me too,” I laughed.

I though back to earlier that day when I had wished that everyone’s eyes would be black. I took it back. Because, then everyone would be really boring. And if Griffin really was a jerk, somewhere deep inside, at least he has the eyes to make up for it. I mean, he could be boring, and a jerk, all at the same time. And that would suck.
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