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Get the hell up! its time for school!

Screw that!

I’m staying today I’m hung over and the way I see it I’d be better off at home helping you.

Help me? How? by sleeping till noon then disappearing for hours on end

how that does that help me? ...

Shut up! I’m not going to school!

After a long pause her mother walked away and chuki’s eyes slowly closed shut.



Get the f**k up you’re going to school!

The broom rising up and taking with it the air around it sounding like a black hole the brooms smashes down on her back making quickly rise “alright’! Bitch! She whispered


Nothing! I’m changing already!

her eyes staring at the mess of cloths piled in front her she picked up a shirt from the bottom wrinkled and faded with the words “Santa Christ your jolly savior” the sleeves reminding her of her mothers cottage cheese thighs .she heard the soft winds blowing outside her window and shivered she hated the cold and loathed all that came with it. Kicking the pile of clothes she rummaged through it again until she found her black beanie carefully removing the hairs and dust that enshrined it. Scrunching up Her long black hair she smashed the hat on her head and spotting a pair of jeans she repeated the same actions forcing the jeans on. She sighed and closed her eyes listening to wind groan softly quickly rising she fell to her knees and placed her head on the ground searching under her bed for her shoes with their worn white soles and dulled black exterior. Searching her mind began to wander and she started talking softly to herself

“La la la la tupi cho”.

She suddenly rose up as she remembered where she had left her sneakers running to her closet and kicking a stuffed puppy across the room she quickly put them on rembering the warning she had received by the principal

“Late again and you’ll your not gonna have place to be late to”

She sighed and started to run out the door

“Bye mom you bitch “she uttered in a single breath as she ran out the door suddenly hearing a familiar sound across her back

I heard that! Get going.

The sun shone as she closed the door behind her causing her to look down and try to get her bearings. She walked quickly to her bus stop only to find the racing off into the sunrise. She laughed and shook her head lifting it up and sighing following the same direction as the bus.

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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