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New School, New Friends Equals a New Life

Ok, I will start from the beginning. I have gone to Johns academy for about five years. Then, my family transferred me to St. Clair Middle school only because my mom got remarried to a guy named Michael. I have blonde hair and big blue eyes. I have my moms nose and my dads eyes. I have a karaoke machine and my own microphone. I love to sing.

       On my first day of school, I met a very nice girl named Jamey Higgins. Jamey is a brown haired blue eyed skinny girl that always  had a huge smile on her face. When Jamey took me to third period, I was amazed because it was choir class. The only reason I was amazed was that I love to sing and my old school did not have choir class or music class. All we had to do was to sing in groups in bible class . At Johns academy, we did not have talent day or even our own choir class. I have been singing for seven years. I started singing when I was four. Since then, I have been collecting CD’s and about right now I have around three hundred CD’s. After high school, I am going to be a famous singer. But enough of me. In third period, we all sang a song called “ Only about us two,“ By Amanda Singer. That is my favorite song ever!

       After third period, I saw a sign up sheet hanging on a door. I walked up to it and saw it was a sign up sheet for the lead singing role in “Only about us two.” I was thinking about trying out and then got interrupted by Jamey. “ I think you should tryout.” Jamey said with a smile on her face. Then the big cat comes. Its Kelly Mills, the most popular kid in the school. “ I hope you loser are not thinking about trying out.” Kelly said. I gave her a dirty look, and signed my name on the sheet with a smirk on my face.

       Well, then March 5th came. Kelly, me, and a girl named Emily Gigs tried out. Emily went first and was not that good, so some of my stress went down. Of coarse, then Kelly went and she was pretty good. Then, it was all up to me. I walked up to the microphone and sang my heart out. I thought I did well, so after the song, I looked at Kelly and Emily and both of their faces fell to the ground. “ results will be posted March 7th.” My music teacher said with a big smirk on his face.

       At lunch that day. Jamey and I were sitting at our little spot at our little table when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Kelly standing there.

“ I hope you don’t get your hopes up because you are going to lose” Kelly said with a mad look on her evil face.

“ Don’t worry, I never hope. I know!” I said while thinking that I was being stupid for saying that.

       When March 7th came, I ran to the results. I was amazed. I made it but I have to sing with Kelly Mills. My worst night mare.
Back to Work After 30 Year\'s
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