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You....the suicide note with a differance


Pointless,or so i'm told.Thats why I've decided to terminate mine.Except there is one way I can be saved.Only one.So,who or what is my saviour?Well actually,you..I'm nothing to you but you're everything to me.I know you'll probably think I'm a psycho stalker,but I must tell you.I must explain.So hold on and at least take the time to understand who I am.Maybe its wishful thinking,but,hey what have I got to lose?I'm not asking you to fall in love with me(though it would be nice!)please try to understand.Hard I know,but anyway I'm going to try and help you understand me.Perhaps then you will want to be with me.Perhaps.

So,who am I?you'll have seen me before,maybe even know my name is Sky Jonson.Yes,a weird name I know; but my parents had thirteen children before me and couldn't think of what to call me.So they looked up at the sky and,voila,christened me Sky.Well thats what I think.You probably vaguely know what I look like,but anyway here's my description.I've got huge eyes,blue as the ocean,framed by my flashy eyelashes(my best feature).Unfortunatly as I'm male these have made me a popular target for the bullying underclass.Old ladies love them though!I'm thin and detest junk food.I hope you hate it too.I'd hate to think of you poisoning your magnificent temple of a body with hydrogenated fats.The clothes I wear are,like me,slightly crazy.I'm shy,so I use my clothes to express myself to the world.Think pyjamas as trousers,shoe boxes as shoes,bloodied bandages nicked from hospitals, artfully woven into a stunning new top.Oh and I also wear jeans.So I think its time for me to start my story,my explanation to you.Nothing held back,nothing censored.After all if there is any chance of us being lovers there can't be any lies.I'll start with my first suicide attempt....  

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

Downloads: 1950

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