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Okay kiddies gather round and I’ll tell you a nice little story...

Wait, wait, wait... screw the B.S. This is a story about me (Brittany) and her concert going partner aka her cousin (Lesley).

*Fixes glasses* (I don’t wear glasses)
*Fixes invisible glasses*

Okay I’ll take you back to a boring and lifeless night. the night of Friday, April 27, 2007...

It was a normal Friday. I got out of school (which I hate) and went home. Home was normal as usual and then I decided to watch a movie. What movie? you may be wondering. Well, I had been hearing a lot of hype, mainly from the guys, about this movie so I decided to check it out. I watched Borat. Bad idea.

So, I finished the movie (which sucked) and fell quickly into a deep sleep. Hoping that time would pass by, knowing what the next day held.

*Widens eyes* (It’s getting interesting)

I wake up on Saturday, April 28, 2007 and was in a rare, good mood. I did things I normally did until about 1:00 p.m. Then, the concert adrenaline was kicking in. I listened to My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade as I got ready to leave which took two whole hours.

My ride (Lesley) was suppose to to be there at three. As usual she was late, but not 25 minutes like last time. She was 26 minutes late this time. I grabbed my Black Parade CD and hurried to the car. Lesley explained to me why she was late. As we rode to Williamsburg, I explained MCR to her and she told me a few things, like hockey. (I love going to hockey games, Lesley's not only my concert going cousin, but my concert going hockey going cousin. She loves hockey too.)

We finally make it to William and Mary at about 4:30 p.m. Since we had so much time, we went to get something to eat. We got out of the car as Famous Last Words was playing and I started feeling sick, again. So, I just got a salad at the restaurant, once again... bad idea. We finished eating and paid.

With time still on our hands we walked around the campus. There were four different doors with four different lines. While we walked I explained the “emo scene” to Lesley. Considering she is about 30 something years old, she didn’t know everything about the “kids these days” even though she is a teacher.

At about 6 p.m. we decided to stand in a line, the shortest one, and wait. I was feeling even worse because of my stomach and the people around us smoking.

Finally, at 7:00 p.m. we made started making our way into the hall. At about 7:10 we got in and gave them our ticket. I had plenty of money to buy something. They had a table with MCR hoodies, shirts, posters, and more but I decided to find our seats first. We had general admission seats so I found seats in the second section on the left of the stage and we were only about six or seven rows up. I was really excited but still sick.

Time went by incredibly slowly but at EXACTLY 8:00 p.m. Muse came on. Muse was awesome. I had heard one or two of their songs before, but they were amazing. I started getting overheated and had to sit down at about 8:45 p.m. Lesley told me to go get something to drink. So, I walked out and got some water. (The guy filled it up too way. Grr) People started coming out of the doors and when I went back in I saw that Muse had finished. I sat down and drank my water.

I kept feeling bad as a bunch of people were filling the chairs and any spaces they could. I looked at the set they finished putting up and it was awesome. Bob’s drums were the sh!t for real. At around 9:20 or 9:30, people were getting restless and then, it happened.

They set out Gerard’s microphone in the front of the stage. The lights went out. Everyone stood up and started chanting “MCR MCR MCR.” I started feeling better immediately. That’s when they came out. Frank, Bob, Ray, and the other guy. (Because Mikey wasn’t there.) Then, Gerard came out in all of his Gerardness! It was amazing.

They played every single song from The Black Parade, in order. I sang along and screamed along to every word. I kept my hands in the air rocking out along with the other fans and the band. I jumped and swayed along. And some of the times I was the only one around me bouncing around, but I didn’t care. I loved every single minute if it.

Gerard talked about about some stuff. Like VT and life. Like how if anyone is depressed then they should get help. He talked about Cancer and how they got a letter backstage from a girl in the audience who survived Cancer.

During one song they blew confetti EVERYWHERE and it got in my cup of water. (Ha.) It was amazing, like snow. And Bob was going around in circles on with his cool drums. (He was on something that made him go in circles.) *Makes circle motion with hands* (See?) (^-^) Frankie was all over the place and Ray was rockin. Gerard had us all in the palms of his hands. He went to the spotlight thing on the stage and flashed around the stadium place.

Then they were getting close to the end and “the black parade” Gerard started “hatin” on MCR (lmao). It was funny. I was like the only person who actually understood it... at least around me.

They played Famous Last Words and left the stage, *tear* so, that “MCR” could come out. They came back ot quickly and played I’m Not Okay. I rocked out to that and three other songs from that CD. Gerard flashed the spotlight around again and it was closer to me this time. I made as much noise as I could and I swear it came in my direction twice.

Then, it was time for Helena. I sung my heart out because I knew it was over. Then, the guys went backstage for the last time as I screamed out my appreciation along with the other fans.

We made out way out of the stadium place and into the hall. It took us about 20 minutes to walk a two minute walk down the hall. That’s how many people were there. We made our way over to the crowded table with all the band merch. I wanted to get a hoodie, but they only had one size left. Then, I had to decide between a new MCR bag or a MCR scarf and MCR shirt. I got the scarf and t-shirt.

Then, we made our way to 7-11, got a slurpee, and went home. I’ve had a smile one my face and happy heart since. ^_^!

It was the most amazing thing in the world for me. I saw my idol, Gerard. I sung along with him and rocked out with everyone in the stadium. Gerard said a bunch of stuff that was amazing. I remember one thing was how we all fit in somewhere and for some of us, it might be that concert. I realized that that was really true. As I was walking to the Lesley’s car I saw people who didn’t stare at me like I was a psycho. Who sang along and jumped along to every song. I felt right, like I belonged. We walked past one car and Teenagers was blaring from their car and some kids were in the back. I looked over and a boy in the middle was singing along, hanging almost of the window. I laughed as I sung along with him. And as the car passed and I continued to Lesley’s car, I thought about how much I loved being there, being at concerts.

I didn’t want it to end, but it did. And when it did, I had no regrets I loved every minute.

*Dries eyes* Was that not a lovely little tale?

I hope anyone that could not go or has not had a chance to see their idol will one day experience it. It’s an amazing experience.

Read on my little minions. *cough* I mean... kiddies.

This is from my profile page:
They say life has turning points and your life changes. Example being, finding god. Correct? Well, a few say that MCR saved their lives. I understand. But, MCR did not save my life. They did infact change it. It's amazing to say something like that and really mean. It's amazing how one band can make you feel incredible when you truly feel like total crap. It's amazing how one band can make you feel incredible when you feel like nothing.

And seeing that band changed me. I can truly smile now. Mr. Way says things that are true. They come from the bottom of his heart and he means it. MCR really does care. They're not some band who plays music for the money or the fame. They play it from their hearts.

It amazes me how one night and one concert and one band can change my life. And as I stood their singing and screaming along with my idol, my hero, I felt as if nothing was wrong. As if nothing could ever hurt me. I felt safe. And the people I met and saw, even for a few seconds, changed my life. I truly felt welcome and not pushed away. I truly felt understood.

So I guess what I'm saying is, Thank You. Thank you My Chemical Romance. Thank you Bob, Ray, Mikey and Frank. And thank you Gerard for letting me sing along with you. Even if I was in a crowd of a million people. I can truly smile now.

Thank you
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