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Walking down the street, me and Matt were practically touching, and I itched to go closer. But, I couldn't. Matt was off limits. He was currently going out with Priscilla the prissy little bitch. I don't know what he saw in her. I mean really, who would want to go out with the typical cheerleader? You could tell he was unhappy. His tall, dark figure always drooped a bit when Priscilla was around.

"Matt?" I asked cautiously, "Why haven't you broken up with Priscilla yet?"

He looked at me strangely. His eyes flickered with something, and he shook his head. "I honestly have no idea, Randy. No idea whatsoever," he said dejectedly. Then then bus came, and we let the subject drop.

"I'll see you later Rand," said Matt, and for a moment his hand brushed against mine.

I gulp, and managed to reply, "Yeah. See you."

The next day at school, I sailed in on wings, it seemed. Until I saw Matt with Priscilla. She had her arm around him, and was kissing him on the cheek when I saw them.

"That shouldn't be her," I thought, " That should be me kissing him on the cheek, with my arm around his waist." I sighed, and advanced towards them, my best friend and my worst enemy.

"Rand!" squealed Priscilla, and I scowled. She knew me just well enough to know I didn't let anyone but Matt call me that. What a prissy little bitch. Ignored her, and instead turned towards Matt to give him a hug. It seemed to me that he lingered there a little longer than he usually did.

"Hey," I whispered in his ear.

"Hey," He whispered back. The very sound of his voice sent shivers running down my spine. I looked over his shoulder to see Priscilla glaring at us, her face beet red. I smiled and slowly, regretfully, let go.

"See you in math?"

"See you in math," he confirmed.

I went through my classes that morning feeling as if I was walking though a cloud; nothing was clear, and all I could think about was how Matt had smiled when he saw me, how he had said "Hey" in that sexy voice like melting chocolate, and how he had brightened at the mention of math, our only class together.

At one point, I remeber Pricsilla coming up to me and angrily demanding if I had ever kissed, or gone any farther with Matt. I wistfully sighed, and said "No Pricsilla. Never."

She looked surprised, and she said Matt talked about me so much she would have thought it was me going out with him, and not her. Then her expression softened.

"Randy, I know you hate me, I've made sure of that." I weakly tried to protest, but she shook her head.

"I was always jealous of you Randy, that's why I'm always so mean to you. You're the one Matt really loves. I think he was just going out with me to forget you. You obviously like him back. I think he's going to break up with me soon. Make sure you don't loose him again." And with that, she walked away. I was shocked! Priscilla was never nice if she could help it, never mind practically offering her boyfriend to me! I had never seen this side of her- maybe she wasn't so evil after all?

About an hour after she had left, after my geography class, Matt showed up at my locker, and I remebered that I had math next. As we walked to class, it seemed something was different between me and Matt. He was walking even closer to me, and at one point, he slung his arm around my shoulder. It remained there for five or six minutes during which I was sure he could hear my heart beating, it was that loud. Just before we entered the class, Matt took my books from my hands, passed them and his to one of his passing friends and told his friend to please put them on our desks.

"I have something to tell you, Rand," he said, confidently, but I sensed a bit of nervousness behind it. He took my hands, and led me to an unoccupied nook in the stairwell.

"Randy, I broke up with Pricsilla."

"What? When!? Wow, Matt, how did she react?"

"She actually took it pretty well- anyway, that's not the point," He cleared his throat- the nervousness was really beginnning to show through now- "The point is, um, well, do you want to go out with me?"

I was shell-shocked. Although I wanted this so badly, I didn't beleive he would actually ask me out!

I cleared my throat, " Um, Matt? What did you just say? If you just asked me out, my answar is yes- but if you didn't- um, I think I may be hallucinating..." I noticed that his hand were still holding mine. I looked at them, and then at Matt's face. He was smiling.

"Matt?" I whispered, "Did you just ask me-"

Cutting me off abruptly, he encircled a hand around my waist, pulled me closer, and kissed me soflty on the lips.

It was phenomenal.
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