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Going out with a bang

The Earth... In it's prime was a beautiful blue ball. It was durable and gentle. It was the supporter of life in the solar system... and to be quiet frank I really wish it hadn't gone off it's nut. Like atlas got drunk and in the middle of the hang over *oops* and dropped it. A lot of people considered to end of the world like volcanoes erupting and the Earth splitting in two like an apple... Well it wasn't like that, not even the slightest crack in the floor. No the world ended... ENDED, yes it's over now but back to the story, the world ended because society ended. Yeah, the stock market didn't just crash... it blew up and sank. the other continents declared war. And some where in the this recipe for disaster, me, and my older brother Calvin got mixed into the mess.

It's 2147 now and it has been four an a half year since what most people call it "The great murder." I was only 12 when it happened, my father off in the war and my mother dead me and my brother have been fighting on our own for two years. We've had help from Calvin's friends and to tell the truth I've fallen in love with one... Hunter. Hunter is a german boy, he's 17 blond hair, deep blue eyes, and a voice that sound like god laughing with pleasure. We spend most of our time at our old house but we've always tried to get away. So far there has been no cars, no army, no help. We're alone... whether we want to be or not.

"Mia, stop hogging all the sheets. This in the only bed in the house and we have to share it," said my brother Calvin... Hunter just grumbled regarding he hates being woken up at night.

"Calvin it's freezing over here and I demand sheets," I said. I was a 16 year old girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. I had long legs and long arms.

The days always dragged on slow as me and Hunter went out to get food. Calvin was in charge of protecting the house... considering he was the only one with the rights to use a gun. Times only got worse as the war headed our way. I can remember nights when I could hear German soldiers in our backyard and I hoped to god to keep them from coming in our house. Of course I could never forget the faithful day when Calvin left in the morning and never returned. Hunter had to hold me down to stop me from running after him. He had either been killed or pulled into the war where he would be kill. I couldn't sleep for nights. the thought of loosing Calvin was horrible. But there was nothing I could do, I was smart. I knew if i went for Calvin my fate would be similar.

It had been five weeks since Calvin's vanish. Me and Hunter had left my home so he and I could avoid the draft. There was no money to use for food. Although I don't think it would help. Hunter and I were refugee's now and we had no where to stay. We would stay up late counting the stars just to drown the wails and cries of the war but we would always end up in tears and then we would pack up move a little further and then settle there for a few days.

It was now five years since "The great murder." I found out that Hunter to loved me and we would spend nights under the stars kissing and holding each other. Of course it made the trip trough the closing gates of survival much more pleasant with a loved one. Me and Hunter were on our way down south. Florida was warm and no real fighting had began there... Until the nuke. Yes the other half of the world finally decided we were going down. so they launched a nuke. We heard that the explosion was devastating. Hundreds killed and a whole major city, blown up. People say that the end of the world was supposed to be quick. huh, my ass! I only wished this was quick. People also say that we could come back this... No, I hate to sound negative but it's over... you don't bounce back from massive war, poverty, and the emotional trauma that the world has been through. The world is over, and even as I lye here on a white sandy beach in the middle of the night... With Hunter beside me holding my hand and counting the stars... I really truly wish, that it had gone out with a bang.

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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