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Book of Azar

It was late, there was rain before dark and the ground was still wet. I was five at the time, my hair was damp and had short brown curls as it usually has when drenched. Blood was covering me, only part of my face wasn't masked by my parents' blood and the blood of their killers. I could still feel the sheer iciness of my parents' bodies. I guess you could've said that I was running away from my past. Surprisingly...I wasn't as scared as a five-year-old abandoned girl would've been. And that scared me more than anything.

Now, eleven years later, I'm still having nightmares from that night. Along with my older sister, Seremela, our childhood friend, Thackary, and a newcomer to the group, Razvir, I've traveled across the barrier of the West Heavens.

"Natulcien, the Northern Armies have just wiped out half the West! Ryker is dead!"

I didn't move, didn't understand, didn't want to do anything. I just stood there, digesting the news Thackary gave me about my younger brother.

~Chapter One~

"Nata, the army is breaking through. We have to mover forward. Wake up, Nata..." Seri's voice was soft, like it always is. She glided her fingers over my ear, tickling the bridge. She used to always do that after Mom and Dad died, and it always worked to wake me up. I groaned slightly still wanting sleep, still needing sleep.

But once I heard what Seri said, I pounced up as if I had a nightmare.

"They what?! But our safeguards-how could they--"

"Never mind that Nata. We have to go."

There was a sense of urgency in my sisters' voice. Urgency you wouldn't catch her using normally.

"Razvir and Thackary are waiting for us in the hall."

Seremela grabbed my arm and tugged at me to move faster. The armies from the North have been killing people by the hundreds in a mere couple hours each day. Merciless devils. All of us had a connection with them. Thackary's father was killed by the Northern Army when he was thirteen, Seri and I lost our parents to their hands when I was five and Seri was six at the time. As for one really knows of his past. He's a mage from the West and he was always alone with no family or friends, that's all he dared to tell us. He was alone and half dead when Seri found him laying on the streets. When she brought him to the hotel room we were staying in, I noticed his neck had a tattoo of some crest. Later did we find that the tattoo of the crest was actually an emblem that was branded on him when he was very young.

Since then, Razvir has been with us. Traveling on our journies with us, he's been nothing but useful and helpful in our battles with surviving and the Northern Armies. Thackary still ha his doubts about Razvir but for Seremela and I, we have nothng but complete gratitude for him...considering he saved me twice and my sister once. We have secretly given our lives for him, to him. We owe him...I owe him my life.

The bombs getting shot into the air made it clear that the Northern Devils were coming. It was only a matter of time before they were at the inn. The very thought of them burning the inn and the many houses residing in this city angered me like nothing else. I looked at Thackary. I could see the longing revenge and rage building in his almost glazed blue eyes. Razvir had no expression what-so-ever. His eyes were closed as he tried to listen to how close the army was. Seremela looked from the blinds in the window as she readied her swords. I sat down and waited, putting my hands in my lap forming the sign of protection and studied on making safeguards around the inn. I struggled with weaving through them so, not long after I started, Razvir joined in aiding me, chanting protection spells and combining his safeguards with my own.

The army drew closer. I could practically hear their footsteps now, pounding in the earth like thunder crashing in the heavens in a bad storm.

"They're here..." Seremela had a tune of dread in her voice. There was silence in the air. A tense, thick burden of a barrier that we were inhaling now. They were waiting for something, but what? What could they be possibly pausing their attack for?

"Why don't they attack? Why are they just standing there? That's not like them."

"I don't know. Nata...what do you see?" Thackary spoke with the hint of fear in his voice. I tried but all I saw was low-life energies. Nothing an army would be made up of. Unless...

"It's a decoy! Get down!"

A loud blast of fire came from the back. Dozens of soldiers crowded around us, pushing and forcing us in the middle. We were soon completely surrounded.

"A hundred against four? I like the odds of that!"

Tunes of playfulness and eagerness suffocated my voice. I was always the one to fight, especially to fight the Northern Armies.

" your nerves! You might be ready to die quickly but some of us value life too much to not stratigize."

I let a playful laugh escape my lips. Seri always worried for me when we were in battle. I was always the most eager to make things bloody. So much that I wasn't even sure if I was human.

"She's right, Natulcien. Stop jumping into the deep end before you drown."

Ugh! I hate it when Thackary tries to baby me. Sometimes I just wanna--
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