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Angel in my Sight

It was summer in Richmond just a normal day at the park. Dogs barking, children laughing, parents arguing. Nothing new. Ryan, a tall Goth girl with dark hair, sat next to her friend, Selena. Selena was beautiful, amazing, and sweet. She had blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes that lit up whenever someone spoke to her. She was a prep so no one could really understand why they were friends. Ryan was writing a book while listening to her talk. She enjoyed listening to Selena talk her voice was like a bell clear and beautiful. She’d known she was bi for a while now, but refused to ever tell Selena how she felt.

Ryan blushed as she thought of how stunning she looked today. She was wearing a white shorts, red T-shirt, and the black hat Ryan had given her for her Birthday.

“Is something wrong? Your face looks red. Would you like me to get you something to drink?” Selena asked, worry written clearly over her face.

“N-no,” Ryan stuttered. “I’m fine.” She gave her a reassuring smile.

“Okay then. I have to tell you something.” Selena said looking serious and sad. “My parents have decided that we’re going to move.”

Ryan sat in stunned silence.

“I’m sorry! I just wasn’t sure how to tell you earlier.” She said apologetically.

“How soon?’ Ryan’s voice was quieter than usual and her face was white.


She thought it over quickly. Today was Sunday. That meant that she only had four and a half days with Selena. She was so upset that she ran home without even saying goodbye to Selena. She locked herself in her room and refused all phone calls. She barely slept and refused to eat. On Tuesday morning she decided that by Friday she would tell her that she loved her. She took a deep breath and called Selena.

“Oh my god! I’m so glad you called! I swear I will spend the rest of the week with you! Just please don’t be mad.” Selena’s voice answered here quiet greeting.

“No I’m sorry I shouldn’t have run out on you like that.”

“That’s okay. Can you meet me there?”

“Of course.”

They both hung up and went to the farthest edge of the woods. There was a creek there that they loved to play in during the summer. They’d found this place when they were kids.

Selena hugged her when she got there. Ryan blushed and looked down at her feet. “I was so worried you’d be mad at me.” She confessed.

“I could never be mad at you.” Ryan said sincerely.

“Thanks. Still I get to spend the whole week with you. What do you want to do first?”

“Let’s stay here for today. We haven’t been here in forever.”

For the rest of the day they chased each other through the trees and played in the creek. Then as the day grew darker they just laid on the ground staring at the sky. Ryan wished they could stay that way forever. If only there was a way to still time. Selena rolled over to face her. “Do you want to camp out here tonight? I brought my cell.”

Ryan smiled. “Sure!”

She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and called her mom first then Ryan’s. She stood up and pulled a bag out of a nearby tree. It had two blankets and a lot of junk food. No meat or anything because Ryan was a vegetarian. They agreed to just lay one blanket on the ground and use the other to keep them both warm.

Earlier in the day it had been warm but now the temperature had dropped. Selena snuggled closer in her sleep. Ryan wrapped her arms around her, blushing slightly. She fell asleep holding her.

Selena was the first to wake up in the morning and blushed when she noticed Ryan’s arms around her, but it was so comfortable so she snuggled closer. When they both woke up they pretended nothing had happened.

Over the next few days they took turns spending nights at each other’s houses. They went to movies, the park, and everywhere else they could. Ryan tried everyday to tell Selena how she felt but her throat would tighten and she’d lose her nerve.

Selena would be leaving early the next morning and her parents wouldn’t let Ryan sleep over. They said a long goodbye and Ryan still could not bring herself to say it. Selena kept swearing she’d come and visit whenever she could.

Ryan lay awake long into the night. She looked at the clock. It read 11:37. She picked up her phone and called Selena. She answered on the first ring.

“Hey.” Ryan whispered. “I have something I need to tell you. Can you meet me there?”

“Sure I can. I have something for you.”

After hanging up the rushed to the edge of the woods. As soon as she got there Selena handed her two necklaces, saying, “I know you normally only wear black but could you wear these for me?” Ryan looked at the necklaces. One was a gold heart-shaped locket with a bit of diamond in the center. It must have cost a lot! The other looked homemade. It was a black cord with a little ball on the end. The ball was red with white flowers on it.

“I’ll never not wear them.” She said smiling sadly. Then handed her a black bracelet that had a skull imprint on it. The inside of it said: YOU BETTER NOT FORGET ME!! Selena though did not notice the other thing it said in smaller print.

Selena hugged her tightly and when she was about to pull away Ryan kissed her. She did not pull away but instead moved closer. After a while they pulled away. “I love you, Selena.” She turned the bracelet over again and Selena saw the other inscription. It read: I will always love you. Ryan kissed her again; all nervousness had vanished long ago.

They made a decision then. Selena wouldn’t be moving. They left notes for there parents and they went to live with Selena’s grandmother. They also decided that no one would ever separate them for any reason.

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