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Dear diary

Dear diary,

This is my first diary entry so let me introduce myself a little bit. I’ve just moved to a smaller town than where I used to live and so far, I hate it. I used to go to a school with more than 2, 000 students but now I’m still just a body in a mass of 700 people. I thought that moving to a smaller town and school I may fit in a little bit more or be noticed at least once, but I haven’t been noticed or fit in. See, I wear a little bit more black than the average person, have a few more piercings, don’t show my legs or arms and my hair is unusual colours.

I live with my Mother and older brother. I don’t live with my Dad, that’s the reason we moved. Divorce. Mum thought it’d be best for us to get out and have a fresh new start without him. I hated how she so plainly called Dad “him”. My brother Jason and I were always closest to Dad, I think that’s the real reason why Mum wanted to move, she didn’t want us choosing him over her. I was always Daddy’s little girl and Jason was Daddy’s little man. Even though we were 15 and 17 we didn’t mind have the odd hug with Dad. It’s only been two weeks since we moved out but I already miss Dad.

My Mum’s a weird lady. She’s old but tries to be funky and up- to- date with fashions. I can’t stand it when she asks my opinion about her outfit or wants to take me shopping. Unless its dark colours or unusual, I’ll hate it.

Jason’s nothing like Mum. He’s Dad all over. They live for sports and the outdoors which I also can’t stand. Jason has natural sandy coloured hair with blue eyes, like Dad. Mum’s hair’s dark and she has hazel eyes. Me, I’m different. Natural blonde hair with bright green eyes.

I was saying before about my unusual hair colours. I’ve dyed my hair black but have purple hair extensions and red tips through my hair and it hangs down to the middle of my back. I have my nose, eyebrow, labret and tongue pierced. Another thing that people find disgusting is the piercings that run down the back of my neck. I have three and also one on the side of my neck.

Alright well Mum’s just called me for dinner. Roast lamb and vegetables. Yummy!
Well....I never expected that!
[HOT VIDEO] Well....I never expected that!

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