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Nothing was really clear. Once in a while, cohereant images glimmered on the surface. Then, suddenly, everything became all too clear. Debris was everywhere. Little fires sprung up all around, and in the middle of it all, someone lay, sobbing. Blood pooled around the broken body. The body of... of...

I awoke with a jerk, spanish curses spewing out of my mouth. "¡EL INFIERNO DE LA MIERDA NINGÚN DIOS AHORA NO HACE POR FAVOR ESTO A MÍ!" I sobbed, shaking. I tumbled out of bed and ran to the phone, dialing the number off by heart. I couldn't let this happen.

By the time Anthony got to my house, I was ready. I lead him into the sitting room, plastering a smile onto my face. "Sit down," I said, " I need to talk to you. It's just a talk." Anthony looked a little scared, but he followed my lead, plastering a smile onto his own achingly handsom face. I sat down, and told him everything, from the first moment that I lied to him. I was almost in hysterics by the time I finished, but that smile never left my face. I must have looked crazy.

" Anthony," I pleaded, " you've got to beleive me! Please, please don't leave tonight!"

The incredulous look on his face hurt me more than any words ever could. "Bella," he said softly, "Bella, look at me." I wouldn't. I had seen him, broken and bleeding, and I couldn't let that happen. If only he'd beleive me, then maybe his life could be saved! Why didn't he beleive me?! Didn't he understand that my visions always, always came true? Anger welled up in me, swelling like a balloon, waiting to be popped.

" Anthony, weren't you even listening to me?! Didn't you hear what I said?!" I yelled, waiting for a respose. I didn't get one. He just looked away.

" Ok, fine Anthony. I'll give you two choices. Either you admit that I'm right, and stay home tonight, or," I lowered my voice and looked him square in the eyes, chocking back my sobs," You can leave tonight, drive until you lose the road, and have nothing to follow. And beleive me Anthony, if you do leave tonight, you won't have a choice in coming back or not."

" Great Bella. I'll leave. If that's what you want. You know, if you wanted me to stay home so badly, you could have just asked. But, you had to feed me all that nosense about visions. You know Bella, that is really low." And with that, he strode out the door. I followed him out, and watched the car into the distance.

"IT'S TRUE!" I yelled after him, but there was no piont. He would find out for himself soon enough. Here was another person I loved that I could not save. I sank to the floor, wracked by sobs. "If only," I sobbed, "if only I knew how to save a life."

Near the horizon, there was a loud crash. Debris was everywhere. Little fires sprung up all around, and in the middle of it all, Anthony lay, sobbing. Blood pooled around his broken body. With his last breath, he wispered, "Bella. It was true. I'm sorry. I love you." Blood bubbled out of his mouth, and his heart beat slower and slower. A hand, Bella's hand, seemed to be holding his. The world went dark.

Miles away, I was still sobbing, but I felt as if I was right beside him. It was always this way. In his last moments I comforted him, then lovingly kissed him goodbye. If only I knew, how to save a life.

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