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Never knowing

Kenny paced the room "Five?"
Katie sighed "No it is four, see." She handed her brother the text book.
"Katie there is no way i am going to be able to get passed 9th grade." Kenny heart was snaped in two.
"Listen, Kenny, as your sister i am aloud to say this, you need to stop worrying about your so called girl friend." Katie was getting tried.
"But, Katie, you don't know what it is like to have a perfect girl just for you and then everything is gone right out of the palms of your hands." Kenny was about to cry.
"Kenny stop worrying about Laura!" She threw a pillow at his face and ran out of the room crying.
"Katie wait!" Katie slammed the door in Kenny face.
"Katie please don't be mad at me." Kenny leaned aginst the door.
"I do too." Katie yelled through the door.
"You do too, what?" Kenny asked.
"Know what it is like to have a perfect girl friend and then she gets taken away forever." Katie was crying really loud.
"What do you mean?" Kenny opened the door a crack. "Huh, what do you mean by that?"
"Kenny, look around you what do you think, i am a..." Katie stopped.
"It is nothing to be ashamed of Katie. Everyone is different, ina different kind of way. You just like girl instead of boys." Kenny closed the door and walked slowly toward his sister.  
"You tell me that almost everyday and it doesn't work. We are on different sides of the school and you don't know what kind of things people make me do to other girls." Kenny sat down on Katie's bed.
"Katie, tell me what do they do to you?" Kenny was scared for his sister.
"They make me kissed other girls and they pull my clothes off and rub me in weird ways." Katie closed her eyes.
"Are the people that do that to you boys or girls?" Kenny was really scared about what Katie was going to say.
"It is..." Katie couldn't get the words out of her mouth.
"Please tell me." Kenny really felt he needed to help her.
"Girls." Katie lowered her head.
"Are they like you?" Kenny was holding back tears.
"Yea, i couldn't tell them to stop. I just couldn't." Katie started to cry louder and louder.
"Katie, why didn't you tell anyone?" Kenny brushed tears away from his eyes.
"I was scared. Too scared, to do anything about it." Katie stop crying for a second.
"Katie you can tell me anything and i will not hold it aginst you, we are the same on the inside." Kenny hugged his twin sister.  
"Kenny, thanks i knew i could tell you." She hugged Kenny back.

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