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I left home with few clues of what was to happen.
One thing I hoped though, was that I'd end up with some of my mates.
See, it was the first schoolday of high-school, and me and my mate Rob stood waiting for the bus.
We were both a bit nervous, as we knew that new classes would be made that day, and the chances for us to end up in the same one, were pretty low.
Well, we both had lots of other mates as well, but what if we didn't end up with any of them?
I guess Rob was a bit more relaxed then me, since he had been a former soccer-player and such, and knew a whole lot of people in the area.
But also he seemed to be a bit worried, something that he seldom was.

When the bus arrived at the school, our pal OJ came up to me and Rob.
He joined us for the walk over to the school, and I hoped that he would end in my class as well.
When we came inside, a couple more of our friends came with us, and we ended up being ten people around a very small table, as we waited for the principal to read our new classes out loud.
The principal told us that there was 5 classes, and I was a bit relieved, as I then had to come alongside someone else by the table.
After reading the first class, only two people disappeared from the table, and Rob and OJ were still there.
But then, suddenly things changed.
After reading the second class, five of the remaining ones around the table, including OJ and Rob, disappeared.
And after an additional two classes, I was the only one left by the table.
I looked around in the room, and could not spot another person that I knew... even remotely.
So, the last class was read, and I followed our new teacher into our new classroom.
I looked around in the class, and it seemed like most other people were also pretty much alone.
That was a good thing, I thought, so that I wouldn't have to fight my way in.
But, actually, for the first three days, almost none of us talked together.

But, at the third day, everyone seemed to seek new company, and we all started talking, hitting off a good tune.
Everyone in the class seemed to be jolly good fellows, and I was starting to cheer up a bit again.

This happened about seven months ago now, and now I am fitting in well.
We all are actually, and I have gotten lots of new friends.
Also, I meet OJ and Rob almost every day anyway, so everything seemed to turn out for the best
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