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And there he was. Standing right there with his back leaning on the locker with many students passing by. He was just gorgeous with his skinny black jeans and slightly spiked black hair. That guy was one of the hottest seniors in school and even girls with boyfriends would drool.

I stood behind my locker, just a few yards from his and peeked. Just his presence made me feel all tingly inside. It was like bubbles bursting out and rockets soaring over skies. Sort of like what they say “reach for the stars and homerun smack in the field” sort of crush I had on this guy. He was like god except even more than that. Don’t get the wrong meaning of this. I’m not like those obsessed girls who stalk some guy all the time. Just a peek or stare occasionally and I’m gone.

Being the new girl is hard enough but being the center of attention for bossy cheerleaders is another. I’m basically an outcast and shyest person. Always being bullied and never like in any type of group they have at this school. Even the geeks don’t consider me good enough. Whatever prejudice they have around me, I’m fine with it. At my other schools, I had been treated the same. No one knows me or notices. If I’m standing in line for lunch, someone would automatically cut me as if I was thin air. In class, I’m not only a mime but a total freak. Sitting alone by myself is the worst thing that can happen to me. Most of the time, I sit in the bathroom stall eating my lunch while everyone else went to their normal lives.

As I watched him receiving flirtatious looks from other girls, my heart sank. He was just like any other hunk. Why am I wasting my time heavily crushing on this dude when I should be where I’m best at? Invisible. That’s just me. All of a sudden, he swung around and faced me. I was caught. Blushing deeply, I quickly averted my gaze from him and tried to hide my face in my locker.

It would have worked perfectly if only Erika didn’t happen to walk by. By high school terms, she was the most blondest and popular girl in these hallways. Whatever she did, every girl had to copy. From earrings to hairstyles, down to even the color of toes. I mean who would ever want to be like her? She was the only person who would notice me and not in a good way.

I didn’t see her right away until it was too late. She gave me a hard shove which sent me slamming full face into my locker. Giving out a laugh, everyone around her followed, although most of them seemed nervous. The guy was still standing there.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? Shrimp here was just in the way. The next time I see you, I better not be interfered through my pathway. Understand?” Turning her back from me, she stomped off.

Rubbing my forehead and the back of my neck, I gathered up my books and headed out. This was not the encounter I expected to have with Mr. Hunk. Hurrying quickly over to 3rd period, I made my invisible entrance and sat down in the back. Mrs. Caddilic was one of the oddest teachers. She always had something to talk about and was glad to share anything with the class. From the time she almost threw up her dinner when she found out her sister was getting married from the time she nearly fainted at the sight of Leonardo DeCaprio at a restaurant. I wondered how her husband got spared in all of her talks.

Today was another boring lesson of chemistry. This time, Mrs. Caddilic was babbling about some stupid baby shower for her sister. As usual, the class doodled around while she ranted on and on about what every family member was bringing. I shut her voice out of my ears while I began daydreaming about what life was like when I became famous. Erika and her posse would probably bend over knees to me and become pathetic puppies. Maybe Mr. Hunk will come rushing to me. Wait a minute, screw that thought. He doesn’t even know you.

Then, I was zapped back into reality when the opening rustle of notebooks came to my ears. Quickly, I searched for a blank page and began copying the notes Mrs. Caddilic had on the board. She was still talking to herself while writing at the same time. Someday, she should get the gold medal for multi-tasking while talking. Too bad they don’t have such talent in the real world.

The bell rang and everybody jumped out of their seats, eager to move on to lunch. I waited a moment for the rush to die down a bit before slowly taking out my sack lunch and heading towards the girl’s bathroom. I took a sharp corner in the hallway before I spotted a couple of people in front of it.

Making sure the coast was clear, I waited impatiently for a couple of minutes before entering. Locking myself in the stall, I took out my peanut butter sandwich and bit into it. It tasted the same like any other day. After wolfing it down, I started on my apples and then chips. Finally, a gulp of water and I was done. This happened like any other day. It became part of my routine and part of my lousy life. Nothing was fair in reality and I happened to be stuck with the bad curse.

Wrapping up my trash, I headed out the door and threw the trash away. Looking behind me to see if I left any mess, I felt myself collide with something hard.

It wasn’t like rock hard but human hard. Then the thought hit me hard. Staring at a chest, then neck and finally the penetrating blue eyes, I saw the hunk up close for the first time. He looked down at me as if I was something he wanted to get rid of.

Mortified, the only thing I could mumble was, “Sorry.”

I tried to take a step to get away but he wouldn’t budge. This dude seriously must have been p*ssed at me or else I would have made my “famous” escape.

“Um, excuse me but I really need to get going.” I tilted my chin to look up at him. His eyes were still staring at me. They were giving me the creeps by now.

This time, I made a deliberate step sideways as if to hint that I needed to go. Unfortunately, he still blocked my way. Feeling heat arising, I had to do something.

Lifting my arm, I tried to squeeze my way between the small gaps his body couldn’t reach. However as I made my way through, an arm shot out and held my wrist.

Feeling my body stiffen, I tried to pry his hands loose but they were dead strong.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he said. His voice was so smooth and persuasive. It was as if someone was lulling you somewhere.

Gulping a breath of air, I muttered, “Please let go of me”. It was lame but that was the only thing that was allowing my mind to think. His presence was intoxicating.

“Whatever.” He quickly withdrew his hand which left me disappointed.

The next moment, he was gone, just like that.

Letting out a breath, I trudged back to class.

Something of his touch made me feel a bit uneasy. It was as if he had something to hide. Even if he didn’t want me to know, I could really feel it.
In The Gymnasium
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