Moment Lightning Hits the SUV on Busy Highway!

It seems a normal commute during a normal, slightly wet day in Russia.

But suddenly the ire of the heavens opens up above the highway- and a bolt of lightning slams into the roof of an SUV, leaving the driver stunned, shaken - and perhaps a little shocked.

Luckily for the driver, he appears to be left unharmed by the thousand-volt hit and in the footage, uploaded to YouTube this month, he carries on driving for a few seconds, before rolling to a stop.

The driver seems unharmed by the incident, likely saved by his vehicle' metal construct.

While you might assume the rubber tyres of a vehicle is responsible for the safety of the driver, it is more likely the Faraday Cage principle that protects him.

A largely metal object, or object surrounded by a metal mesh, will spread the force of a ligtning strike across the entire surface area, leaving the insides untouched by the current.

This protects passengers who are within an airplane, and is also similar technology to how a microwave works - although in this case the cage is keeping the radio-wave transmissions from escaping the microwave.

When lightning does deliver a direct hit, it can be life-threatening or even fatal.

Last week, an 11-year-old boy was struck by lightning outside his school as Britain's worst storm in 30 years raged.

First aiders who came to the rescue of Joe Compton found him unconscious and face-down in the mud outside Dorcan Academy in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The year seven pupil suffered severe burns and went into cardiac arrest after he was struck.

ฟ้าผ่ารถยนต์ SUV รัสเซีย
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